Dil Dosti Dance 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th March 2013 Written Update

Rey comes to Taani home and knocks the door.She assumes it as Swayam and tells him to go as She wants to be alone and even he cares about Sharon than his own sis.She also adds that even Rey did not understand her.Rey hears all this and feels bad and goes to her room through the window.He sees her crying badly.he goes near her and tries to console her.She says she does not want to speak to him.She complaints to him that all her taking her for granted.She also says that Swayam is not here to which Rey says he was the one who asked him to come here .Taani asks where is Swayam to which Rey says that he is at Sharon’s place.Taani self talks that he did not even once come to speak to her.She is still angry with Rey and turns her face to a side.Rey asks Sorry and then says if she does not see he will feel hurt.She turns sees him and hugs him..

Swayam enters Sharon’s house through the door.He knocks the door when Sharon asks him to come in saying the door is open and assumes it as Rey. Swayam admires the look of the living room.Sharon voices asking him to wait saying she will be here in two minutes.Swayam says that how will I know I never entered through the door..Sharon asks how is Swayam saying he will be to possessive about her.Swayam smiles hearing this.Sharon comes down the stairs having two coffee mugs and is surprised seeing Swayam.Swayam says that he is here as Rey is with Taani.Sharon says that he has improved.The sit and do the editing task of the India-Fest videos .Swayam is about to go when he thanks Sharon for the coffee.Sharon says anytime and adds that next time he must have breakfast too.Swayam is shocked hearing this..Both remember the breakfast that Swayam made for her and Swayam feels that he must not make it uncomfortable for her and tries moving.Sharon says him he makes good breakfast and adds next time he must make for both to have.Swayam smiles and says whenever she wants.

Rey is beside Taani seeing her sleep.Swayam is by the door and calls Rey asking how is Taani.Rey says she is better now and asks where is he.Swayam says at the door.Rey asks him why is not in and then says he can come.He moves out without disturbing Taani and swayam to comes in.They meet and Rey says he will leave now.Swayam asks about Taani to which Rey says let her sleep.She is not well.Swayam gets concerned and asks what happened to her.Rey says she was crying whole night.He decide to meet at 6.00 pm.

the gang is in the Birthday party dressed as jokers and they have a fun filled dance on the song Hum Rahe ya nah rahe kal..The kids have a great time with them and even each person from gang enjoys it. The next day the gang is at the canteen enjoying the dance video laughing their hearts out at the acts they have done.Taani comes in excitedly smiling.the gang does not see her.She says hi guys and tells there is a good news.The gang gets excited and asks what .She tells the gang got selected in NDC.The team says this was known and sits down enjoying the video.Taani asks are they not excited .Team replies this was known fact.Taani feels lonely and swayam notices it.he points to Rey.Swayam asks her to come and see the dance video.Taani replies to Sharon saying that she must be enjoying this success and this is what matters to her and moves out.Rey tries to go behind Taani to stop him when Swayam stops him saying that she must learn to tackle her problems.

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