Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Manik chacha telling Rubel that he talked to Anuj and asked him to give the new project to him. Rubel gets happy. Manik chacha says don’t you trust me. Kaira tells Adi that what is the next step. Adi says will is changed, and some lawyer is involved in this. He says Mr. Bhatia is involved in this as he refused to help them. Latika comes and tells Chachiji that her mom will search a groom for Revathi. Chachiji agrees. Sheela says you have own sister in law and you should think about her. Chachiji says she is simpleton and everyone gets close to her because of that. Sheela says she is seeing Latika. Sheela thinks she took away my property and now wants to snatch my daughter in law. Adi is about to leave and looks at Revathi, but Chachiji asks him to have

food. Adi says he is not going to office. Kailash comes to meet Pankhudi at Avantika place, Avantika says she asked Pankhudi to stay with her as she can’t do the arrangements alone. Kailash says he will come and meet Pankhudi. Sameer says he is more than surprise than hurt and says why you didn’t tell me about meeting Kailash. She says she didn’t think about it.

Adi comes to Mr. Bhatia’s office. Chachiji asks Chachaji to do the legal work. She asks him to go on a taxi. Adi calls Pankhudi and says original will must be with chote nana or the lawyer. Lawyer comes and Adi asks where is the original will. Lawyer says that it was original will which he read that day. Adi says it was fake one. Lawyer says that Deewan saheb trusted him. Adi says he won’t give until he gets the original will. Lawyer calls Chachiji and says Adi came to office. Chachiji says her husband forgot his phone. Lawyer says Adi came to know about the truth. Chachiji asks him to do something. Lawyer asks Adi to leave or else, Adi says you can’t do anything. Manik chacha thinks he should see bhai saheb original will for the last time. Lawyer threatens Adi that he will call the police. Adi says do you want to cancel your licence. Adi says if police comes here, then they will arrest you for the fraud. He says he had proof which shows that he changed the will. He says choice is yours Mr. Bhatia. Just then Manik Chacha comes there and original will of Nanu’s falls down. He is shocked and Adi too.

Adi picks the will. Manik chacha takes the papers. He lies that he came to transfer his property on Rubel’s name. Adi says he came for some work and will come tomorrow. Manik says he had the fake will when he collided with Adi. Lawyer informs him that Adi came to know that they have changed Deewan saheb’s will. He says Adi threatened him. Anuj waits for Adi and starts the meeting. He announces that Adi will handle their new project. Rubel is about to stand up but sits down hearing Adi’s name. Everyone claps. Rubel says chachaji said that he talked to Dad about the project. Pankhudi says chote nana and the lawyer are united. Avantika says her dad always supported chote chachaji and he is a selfish man to change his will. pankhudi says Adi is sure that lawyer will either say the truth or will do something which will expose him. Harish says Chachaji must be alerted now and he must be planning a new game.

Kailash comes to Preeti’s cabin. Kapil makes excuses and leaves. Kailash says he came to meet Adi but he was busy in meeting so came to meet her. He asks is everything alright. Preeti says yes. Sameer asks what you are doing here outside Preeti’s cabin, Kapil says Kailash came. Sameer asks did Preeti asked you to go out. Avantika tells Adi, why don’t we file a case against the lawyer. Adi says he don’t have proof right now. Adi says when people are extra cautious, then they tend to do mistakes and that time they can catch him. Harish jokes that he became intelligent after his marriage. Avantika asks is chote chacha is involved in financial matters. Adi says whatever happened today, he is worried and surprised.

Adi gets a call that their office is raided by CBI. Avantika and Pankhudi looks on shocked.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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