Maharana Pratap 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 28th August 2013 Written Update
scene 1
The episode starts with shamskhan and the yogi are talking with each other. A soldier of rana udai singh comes there to announce. He announces in mewad that rani dheerbai has given birth to a son and that udai singh will be keeping a distribution day of riches for the people of mewad. So they are invited there. Shamskhan and the yogi listen to this. Then the yogi asks shamskhan that did he come only to see that do udai singh and his councilors recognize him or no? Then shamskhan says that yes he did come because he has to do such a big work of killing pratap. Then the yogi tells him that if he would be put in the jail then what would he do because he would be put for at least for 15yrs. Then shams’s tells that he if he would be put in the jail, then he would stay

in the jail for 15 yrs or even 100 yrs but he would complete the task.

At the palace, dheerbai is bathing her son. After she bathes her son, pratap asks that now can they take the child to udai singh, dheerbai says yes. Then everyone go to the havan kept for the child in the palace and they all go there. Pratap goes and gives the child to udai. Then the pandit tells rana to tell someone who is a good warrior to feed the child his first sip of water. Then rana calls for chundavat, but dheerbai tells that pratap should do it. Sacchabai says that pratap is still aboy and he can’t do it. Then dheerbai tells that pratap is a good warrior as he helped ranaji to win the battle. This makes shakti singh jealous and sacchabai gets jealous too. Then rana calls pratap for it and pratap goes and is just doing it that sacchabai tells him do it fast as they all are feeling very hot. Then pratap gives him the first sip of water. Then he is told to give the name. Before giving the name, pratap tells jaivanta to come there and sit too as she standing far aside. Then jaivanta tells that she cant come as she is already feeling hot and if she comes near the havan , she will feel more hot. Then she does not come. Then pratap goes near the child’s ears and he keeps his name. Then dheerbai asks that what name did he keep. Then pratap explains them that he has kept such a name that he will be the worlds best warrior and he will remove all the mal(dirt) of this country. He then tells the name, it is JAGMAL. Then everyone are happy and then rana tells that now they will go outside the mahal to distribute the riches and stuff to the poor. They all start distributing and then pratap announces to the praja that his brothers name is jagmal. They all cheer for kuwar jagmal. Then pratap decides to give his khanjar given to him by gurudev to jagmal. He then goes in and gives jagmal the khanjar as a gift. Then dheerbai tells him that he shall go and practice for the kushti fight between him and man singh and then for finals between him and shakti. Then pratap tells her that he does not care if he or shakti win because it would be the same for him, but if he will lose then ranaji would be upset from him which he does not want to do. Then he goes. Then dheerbai says in her mind that she will not let pratap win the fight for any cost.
Scene 3:

In the morning, pratap is going to the gurukul when rana stops him and gives him his lucky locket which his grandmother had given to him. He tells him that it is the locket which he used during fights and always won. He tells pratap to do well in his semi finals. Then pratap goes to the gurukul. There pratap and man singh are going to fight. Ther guruji tells them that the person who will win in the fight will fight against shakti next day. Then pratap tells man singh that the fight which they will do shall not react on our friendship. Then man singh says yes and says that he will not allow to do anything to their friendship on basis of their friendship. Then they both start their fight and they have a tough competition but atlast pratap picks man singh and throws him on the ground and locks him. Then pratap is announced as the winner and he will fight against shakti next day. Then shakti comes and tells him that the fight between him and pratap will show who is more capable. Then pratap says yes.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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