Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Harish saying he will take Didi (Payal 2 mother) to their flat. Avantika and Adi leaves with them. Pankhudi feels bad about the confusion. Adi says we got confused. Pankhudi says three lives ruined because of the confusion. Adi asks her not to get upset and says they will make everything fine. Sheela comes and tells them that Rubel is refusing to marry Kulu’s Payal. Sheela says we have to move ahead and marry him to other Payal. Rubel comes and says he can’t start his life after upset anyone. he says he can’t change his decision. Govardhan mama asks Payal 1, why she wants to wait for Rohit. Payal 1 says, there may be a reason behind his move. She says she can’t marry anyone else. Govardhan mama asks him to marry him as she is a new generation girl. Adi asks Rubel to marry the other Payal. He asks, if you don’t marry either of them, then will you be guilt free? Pankhudi says we will settle down Payal 2. Adi says you told everyone that you likes Payal 1. Sheela says she will go and talk to Payal 1′s dad.

As Pankhudi and Sheela are coming to meet Payal’s dad, Payal tells her dad that she won’t be happy with Rubel. Kamini says you have to marry anyhow. Govardhan mama asks her to forget. Sheela and Pankhudi come and Sheela says we have to bend for our children’s happiness. She says sorry for whatever have happened and requests them to say yes for Payal 1 and Rubel’s alliance. Pankhudi insists. And says she knows she is upset as she likes Rubel. Kamini agrees and hugs Sheela. Payal 1 thinks she is trapped. Payal 2 mom says they will return Pune else situation would be awkward for you. Rubel should marry the girl of his choice. Adi calls Avantika and tells Sheela mami said yes for Payal 1 and Rubel alliance. Avantika says they can’t come now and says Sheela bhabhi can go ahead with roka. Payal 2 goes inside the room. Sheela does the roka rituals.

Other side, Rohit escapes from the goons. Goon informed Govardhan that Rohit escaped. Mama asks him to get him. Mama thinks he has to kidnap him anyhow. Detective tells Latika about Govardhan mama’s hand in Rohit’s kidnapping. She laughs. Payal 1 and Rubel takes everyone blessings after the roka ceremony. Latika says Deewan’s doesn’t have happiness in their destiny. Adi tells Pankhudi that Payal 2 got unconscious and we have to go to Mom’s place. Rubel asks, what is the matter. Adi says they are going to Dad’s place. Rubel says I will come. Adi asks him to enjoy the day and says we will be back.

Doctor tells Preeti and Sameer that they have to do the kidney transplant soon. Preeti asks about her baby. Doctor says if you are not well, then how will the baby be safe. Preeti looks sad. Adi and Pankhudi comes to Harish’s house. Avantika says she fell down unconscious because of low BP. Payal’s mom says that’s why they wants to go. Pankhudi says sorry. Payal’s mom says she will think about her daughter. Pankhudi says they will find a good groom for Payal 2. Payal’s mom says she won’t allow anyone to interfere in Payal’s life. She asks them to go. Pankhudi asks Payal to be strong for her mom and Adi asks her to call him whenever needed.

Adi comes to Pankhudi while she is crying. Pankhudi says she is feeling bad for Payal 2. Adi says bua won’t allow us to do anything now. She is right to be upset. Pankhudi says we shall not think about it right now. Doctor says if anyone’s blood group matches with Preeti then it would be easy for us. Preeti says she don’t want to upset anyone. Sameer says we have to tell them. Rubel asks about Payal 2. Adi says she is fine now. Govardhan mama says they will leave now. Adi says sorry to Payal 1.

Adi says they wants their happiness. Payal says it is fine. Rubel tells bye to Payal 1. Rubel blames herself and says it is my fault. Kaira says she is mature, she will understand. Pankhudi says it was just a misunderstanding. Anuj says everyone was thinking about you. Rubel says he didn’t understand why the number’s got exchanged. Adi says let’s take the photo as it is your engagement day. Adi says we will go on a long drive. Kaira says she will also come. Sheela asks Adi to get a sherwani for Rubel. Adi agrees. Sheela tells Pankhudi that they shall not delay the marriage and fix the date at the earliest.

Pankhudi sees Payal 1 with Rohit and wonders who is he? She asks the driver to take the U turn.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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