Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Mahadev asking Ganesha to step aside and let demons enter Swarglok.’ But Ganesha stops them by saying that he has given a promise to his mother and at any cost will not break it. Mahadev tries to explain Ganesha to rethink about the whole situation from the start as he is mature enough and then come to conclusions, but Ganesha considers his mother words superior. Mahadev also tries another way of explaining to Ganesha, reminding of what happened in the past and also he is disobeying Tridev’s orders, Ganesha comes near Mahadev bows down before him and says that he does not have the strength to defeat his father and neither he wants to disobey Tridev’s orders, and he is ready to chop his head once again to put a complete stop to all this situation, the promise he gave to his mother stand above all. He once gain stands in front of Swarglok.
This fumes the anger of Mahadev, the lightning and thunder struck which signifies the anger of Mahadev. Indra stands in one corner, thinking about the consequences. Everyone senses this, and all the Saptarishis, Kartikeya, Nandi, Shukracharya and everyone leaves for Somanth. Shukracharya also tells Diti that it is because of her promise, this situation has arisen. Shukracharya further elaborates that if you{Diti} would have taught your children of how to make good use of the opportunity given, this situation would not occur.
There at Somnath, Kashyap feels sorry that this situation is happening because of his wife and his son, which makes Aditi’s face go down. Katikeya and nandi both get worried and start to think of the solution, Brihaspati tells them to head to Mandarachal mountain and wake up Devi Parvati, only she could stop this from happening. Kartikeya and Nandi starts to wake up telling about the situation happening in Somanth, praying to her to wake up, and she finally awakens.
Devi Parvati comes to Somnath and acts as a shield for Ganesha and also tells to Mahadev that her son won’t be sacrificed again for your anger.

Precap :- Parvati decided that she alone will not let demons to enter Swarglok which leaves everyone stunned.

Update Credit to: Kalyani_Shiva

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