Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha thinking of Nafisa’s words to become Pankhudi for Adi’s sake and give him happiness. She says Adi, you filled my Maang against my family in Kullu. He says Pankhudi, you remember this. He is shocked and laughs. He shouts our Pankhudi is back, everyone please come here, Pankhudi got her memory. Ayesha thinks why did she lie to him. Rubel asks Adi what happened to Ayesha. Adi says call her Pankhudi now, she remembers everything now. Rubel says great and hugs Adi. Everyone smile. Adi says she said she remembers the Kullu maang thing. Nani thinks she has told Ayesha about Adi and Pankhudi’s love story.

Nani thinks what did Ayesha do. Rubel says we will double celebrate now. Adi says Nani, Pankhudi is back, be happy. Sheela says just one thing, is it not strange. Anuj jokes and says it will take some time. Adi says I m sure she will remember everything. Payal hugs her and says I missed you a lot Pankhudi, now everything will be like before now. Anuj says yes, we all wanted you to be with us. Nani says enough, don’t pressurize her now, Adi go and rest, Ayesha go to outhouse. Adi says no, its our anniversary, let her be with me. Nani says no, spend tomorrow’s day, go now.

Nani says I was right, Ayesha has fallen in love with Adi, so she lied to him. Adi gifts Ayesha a gift and says if my Pankhudi wears this, I will be really glad. Rubel says lets go and sleep now Adi, as tomorrow is special. Sheela says she is our Pankhudi, not her look alike, I have seen Adi happy, I m happy for him. Ayesha asks Nani to ask her why she did this. Nani says no, you did as this was right for you. She says I did this for Adi’s happiness, Nani says don’t take tension, go and rest.

Ayesha goes. Nani smiles and says Ayesha did this in love. Ayesha tells Nafisa what she did there and how everyone reacted to her lie. Nafisa says what? Why did you tell him this lie? Ayesha says I felt I should give happiness to Adi, I thought about your words, did I do anything wrong, shall I tell Adi that I lied. Nafisa says no, you said everyone was happy there, does it not matter to you, its only one day left now, don’t do any mistake, sleep now, you have to go out with Adi tomorrow for the last time. Ayesha leaves. Nafisa smiles and thinks lets see Ayesha, how you go from Diwaan Mansion.

Adi gives the updates to Avantika and asks her to come soon. Sheela cries seeing him so happy. Adi says what happened, did the cable connection go? She smiles and says I m very happy for you. Adi smiles. She says Pankhudi should get her memory back, lets give her a shock like they do in hindi films. He laughs and says my love is enough for her. She says yes, I wish Rubel and Payal also get together. Adi says don’t take tension, I m there for Rubel, you go and see your fav program, don’t cry. She leaves.

Ayesha gets dressed in red saree given by Adi. Nafisa comes and really likes it. She says you are looking so beautiful. She asks her to go and meet Adi. Ayesha hugs her. Adi gets dressed in a black suit and is stunned seeing Ayesha looking very gorgeous. Nani comes to them and asks them to spend the day well and enjoy filly. Harish comes and is shocked to see them holding hands. Nani says go out and don’t take anyone’s call, come back in evening soon, Rubel kept a party in club, so we will go there.

Adi asks Harish to come and wish them anniversary. Nani asks Harish to wish them. Hairsh wishes them happy anniversary. Adi tells him that she is his Pankhudi. Nani says go now, I will tell him everything. Adi looks in Ayesha’s eyes and says lets go. They walk out. Harish says what are you doing. Nani says I will tell you. Rubel sees Payal and smiles. He holds her hand and makes her sit closer. She is stunned. He says why are you looking like this, I m your husband, not a stranger, I m happy for Adi and Pankhudi, we all are happy, I will take leave from office. She asks why, no meetings? He says meetings can wait.

Payal thinks is Rubel really hiding anything, did Nafisa really tell the truth. Adi brings Pankhudi near a swimming pool. He says you, me, our love and our memories will be with us, no one else. He says it’s a romantic place and don’t be quiet, we will celebrate our wedding anniversary today. He takes her to a table and she asks do you love Pankhudi a lot. He looks at her and smiles. Music plays…………… Adi holds her hand and says I love you a lot. She says not me, I m Ayesha. Adi says whatever, you are my Pankhudi, my lifeline, my everything.

She says if I go again then. He say you won’t go, don’t avoid me, I will come with you to London. Ayesha says if anyone loves you so much, how can you avoid, but Pankhudi is part of your life, but your life? Does it not matter? You should not spoil your life. He says I m not spoiling, but making it better, she is not a part of my life, but my life, I have seen dreams with her, she is my driving force. He says I like you like this, you should always be like this. He asks what do you think about me. She says whats this question. He says tell me what Ayesha feels for me. They have an eyelock.

Ayesha hugs Adi. He kisses her hand. She gets closer to him while it rains.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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