Maharana Pratap 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with nasir says to jalal that i had done what you said to me. Jalal says thats great. I am happy because rajput will fight with each other and it is beneficial for us. I will kill pratap slowly slowly. Bahram khan says, due to this hole rajputana is in danger. Jalal says, dressed like marwar soldier and give bodies to maldev ji after see this , he will get angry.
Sobhagyawati says to maldev ji that is this beneficial for us about war. Maldev ji shouts on her then if you think i did wrong then you will not be rani of marwar from now onwards. Phool came and says, order to dassi that they will not force me to do anything. THen sobhagyawati says, now look from your eyes.
Maldev ji see dead soldier and read the letter of jalal. Maldev ji ordered that now war will happen and nobody will stop it.
DB taunts to veer baiji that it is all happening because of you. JB comes in between matter and sent to veer baiji into her room. THen DB taunts to JB.
Jalal and bahram khan play aiming game jalal leads then jalal ask from him, what happen? Bahram khan says, i am worried about pratap.
Maldev ji says, i know pratap is very dangerous in war but for him i select guru raghvendra. Here pratap and uday singh discus about guru ji. Then jait singh ji came and says, i will support you because it is happening due to my daughter.
Uday singh says, we are very thankful to you. Mamrat ji tells the story of their ancestors. Then ajab says, you also tell him story of your cooperation. mamrat ji gets angry and says, they also insulted me. Ajab says, what about friendship? Mamrat ji says, you have done friendship with her but what happened her family insulted you. Jait singh says to veer baiji that i will support uday singh.
Maldev ji ordered that call guru raghvendra ji about war. Rani came to maldev ji and says, guru raghvendra is the key point of this war. So you invite him personally. Maldev ji says, why are you doing this? She says, i want to jagmal as raja. guru raghvendra awakes and says, i am not happy with this win. Vaid ji says, it is nothing because now when mewar and marwar war is happening and so many rajput will gonna die in it. Guru raghvendra says, pratap will need my help.
Maldev ji came to guru ji and guru ji gets surprised. Maldev ji says, i have some work from you, but i will not take more time. Maldev ji tells the story of mahabharat and traps guru ji. He says, you will fight with us. Pratap reaches there, Maldev ji opens his swords then guru ji says, you have to obey rules of my ashram. Maldev ji says, your ancestors promised me that they will fight for us. Pratap says, guruji will fight with us. Guru take time for decision.
Pratap thinks about maldev ji wording. Veer baiji comes and requesting that please stop this war. bahram khan says, if anyone will say to pratap to stop this war then what will happen? Veer bai says, i dont want to see widow to my sister. Jalal says, i know to pratap, he will not stop this war and pratap is believing in friednship and he will do anythng.
Pratap says, maldev has already burnt this war and i promised to myself that i will take revenge, so this war will happen.

Precap:- War beguns in between mewar and marwar.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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