Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mona showing the messages to Adi. Adi says I did not do this. Everyone doubt on Adi’s character. Adi says I did not do anything, we know us. Rubel says she is doing this intentionally. Rubel gets angry. Adi calms down Rubel and takes him to the cabin. The girl calls Vikram and says your work is done, I hacked Adi’s mail id and messaged Mona. Vikram says good, you will get money. Vikram tells everyone that Adi has harasses a female employee in his office. Mama waits for Bau ji and is restless. Bau ji comes home and says I was right about Vikram. Mama asks what happened.

Adi and Rubel come home. Avantika asks Adi are you ok, tell me what happened. Rubel tells her everything. Everyone are shocked. Adi says I m feeling bad for her, she is new and its her first day on job. Avantika says your mail account was hacked, maybe Vikram did all this. Varun looks on. Anuj says but how can he get into our office system, it means our employee is helping him. Pankhudi says why will he do this. Varun says for revenge as I left home, he is disturbed. Rubel says then leave this house. Adi says even if Varun goes, Vikram won’t stop. Vikram comes there.

Everyone are shocked to see him. Vikram says you do cheap things and people call me bad. Adi says how could you fall so low. Vikram says how dare you think wrong about my wife. He says Adi wants to have a relation with my wife, why. Everyone are shocked. Adi says whats wrong with you, have you lost it. Rubel beats Vikram. Anuj scolds Vikram and says you will see us. Vikram says I came here to know about my wife, I want to know what does Adi think about her. I don’t care about your office. Avantika says shut up, we will not agree. Adi is my son and I can;t hear anything against him.

Pankhudi says how can use Amrita. Varun asks Vikram to leave. Vikram smiles and says the dispute committee is sending a notice to Aditya Kumar. Avantika says whats the use to involve that. Sheela says Vikram, I did not think you will do this or I will meet you. She requests him to leave her children. She asks what do you want, take Rs. 200 crores and end this story. Vikram says I know rich people talk like this. I want to know why did Adi gave Rs. 25 crores to my wife. Adi says how cheap can you get, everyone knows I gave you cheques on her name on your saying. Vikram says how will you prove it.

Vikram says Adi gave cheques as a gift to my wife, and expects a return gift, right. Avantika says I m not going to leave you. Vikram laughs and says I think you should think about your son. He says it was my perfect plan. He says I will ruin this family. He says I will not leave you all, I have an advice. He asks her not to shout on him. He says it might be another case on you. He asks Adi to take care of the matter. Vikram welcomes the lawyer and says I could not think they can do this. Everyone looks on. Vikram smiles.

The man says Adi kept wrong relations with Vikram’s wife and also misbehaved with a girl in office, so all the business deals will be stopped now. He says Adi has to cooperate. Adi says Vikram did all this. Adi gets upset and says if they can think so, everyone will think the same. Vikram leaves. Anuj says don’t worry, we will have some solution. Rubel says why should we follow chamber. Avantika says it matters, we have to proof Adi innocent. Varun comes to Amrita and tells her everything. Amrita is shocked. Varun says I can’t tell you how I felt, he can go to any level. He says I will not let you stay here. She says no, don’t make me weak.

She says i know I have a responsibility, so I will fight. She cries and says don’t worry, Vikram will understand everything today. Adi tells Pankhudi that how can the old employees doubt me. Pankhudi says people believe girls. The girl calls Adi and says you should apologize to Mona else this thing will reach media. Adi says I did not do anything, I will not apologize. He asks her to find out who did this. Rubel also tried to find who did it. Payal says I just hope this does not reach the media. Rubel says we should think about Adi. She says I understand Vikram did all this. She says we don’t have any proof. Rubel gets angry on her.

Vikram comes home and acts sweet to Amrita. Amrita says i want to abort this child. Vikram is shocked and says what? He gets angry and says don’t tell this next time. He holds her and says I m sorry Amrita and calms down. He holds her hand and says nothing should happen to him, he is my child. She says this is not your child. He says what. She says yes, you heard it right, its not yours. He says if you are lying, I will kill you.

He says fine, tell me infront of the Lord. She asks why, what will happen, you can buy everything with money, go and buy my Lord. He says stop this nonsense. He asks the name of the person. She says Lord. She says you are not afraid of anyone, are you losing now. She leaves. He says I never lost and will never lose, you can leave this house. I will always win and you see how I win over the Diwaans. Bau ji calls Pankhudi. Pankhudi tells him what Vikram did. He says I will come there tomorrow, I will talk to him as I know something about him. She asks what.

Bau ji comes home. Harish says we requested the chamber to appoint some other judge. Pankhudi says no, Vikram will give the verdict.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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