Tumhari Pakhi 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lavanya talking to her friend. She then asks Girish does he fool her by praising her singing. He says no, you really sing well, you are a good singer. She says my friend came, when I told her that I will sing with you, she told me that I sing bad, now I know she is jealous of me. Girish says I should have told the same, but I lost the chance. Anshuman waits for Pakhi. Pakhi wears a short dress and he stares at her. He gives her hand and she holds it. He says wow….. and smiles. She says don’t get excited. He says boyfriends say I can die for you and kill anyone. She says tell me where are we going. He says its a surprise.

He says I will do PDA, like holding hands, hug and kiss. She says I m not going to do this. He says I want you to show your love. He challenges her. She says its different, it will look strange. He says it will be fun. She says I will not kiss. He says I will feel good, its not about kiss, its about being together. He tries to convince her. She says fine, come I m ready. He smiles. They leave. He brings her to a park. She says do PDA here, no one is here. He says not here, infront of public, no one is here. She says I m sorry I can’t do, there will be many people there.

He says I want you to remove your fears. He says I know its your first time. Anshuman covers Pakhi’s short dress. They see many people there. She says I m feeling shy. He says come on, kiss me. She says fine, close your eyes. He closes his eyes and stands. She says I can take time. She goes to kiss him and runs. He asks an artist to make Anshuman’s sketch. Anshuman says come on kiss me, I m waiting. Pakhi laughs. She shows him the sketch. He says we did not come here to make a sketch. He says come, I will kiss you. She says no, its not about people, but kiss. Its my first kiss, I m shy.

Anshuman says I know you can’t do this. He says I will do it. She says no, tomorrow. She says there will be more people tomorrow, or anywhere else. It will be fun. He says you are avoiding. She says do you know skating. He says yes. She says lets go and skate see there. She says first lets go. He says fine, you also have to skate. She says I don’t know, I want to see you. I will fall. He says trust me, I will be with you. She holds his hand and smiles.

They go for the skating. Anshuman asks Pakhi to come. Pakhi says I can’t do this, I will fall. He says come on, I m here. She says I m unable to stand, I will not let you fall. He holds her hand. Saiyyan……………plays………………… They skate together. Pakhi hugs him. Anshuman and Pakhi get closer. Bairi jiya…………. plays………… Pakhi kisses her. Everyone see them and smile. Anshuman is surprised.

Anshuman asks the servant to catch a thief, Pakhi gets scared and hugs Anshuman. Rohan tells Tanya that he has done as she said.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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