Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela praying that Rubel should say yes for marriage. At the restaurant, Rubel asks Payal, is everything okay with you and says you seems to be lost. Payal 1 says Govardhan mama was questioning her. Rubel says you mixed well with us. Payal says the credit goes to you all. Rubel asks, what she will have. She asks him to order for her. Rubel tells her that he likes about progressive nature. Rubel says one needs to decide about the future, one needs to know about the person before marrying. Payal says I heard about your first marriage and says you will get a good girl like me. Latika hears them talking and gets jealous. Rubel says he will be back. Payal calls Rohit and asks him to reach soon. Adi tells Shanky to take rest and he will prepare food. Pankhudi says there is a difference in eating and cooking. Adi says it is not a big deal. Shanky kaka says why you want to cook today. Pankhudi says it is not a big deal and he can cook. Adi says today he will prepare world’s best dish.

Rubel recalls Payal 1 words that she is very impressed. He says he will going to tell her I love you. He practices. Payal 1 thinks to leave before Rubel coming back. She leaves. Latika sees her going. Rubel wonders where is Payal? Payal 2 comes there and says sorry for coming there. She asks about Adi and Pankhudi. Rubel says Adi has some work at office. He asks her to sit. Payal 1 messages Rubel that she had to leave for urgent work. Latika wonders what is happening and thinks to find out about Payal 1. While Pankhudi is cutting the vegetables, Adi asks her to cut accordingly as in the book. He asks her to mixes love while cooking. Pankhudi says she don’t have other option. And says she would have gone on dinner with Rubel and Payal. Adi thinks to do mischief and thinks to call Rubel. Pankhudi asks him to concentrate on cooking.

Latika comes out of the restaurant and sees Payal 1 with Rohit. She wonders who is he? His face is not shown. She wonders what they are talking about. Payal 1 leaves with Rohit. She concludes this guy is connected with this payal 1. Adi commands Pankhudi to get a cup of milk. Adi adds the milk and says world’s best curry is prepared. Payal 2 asks Rubel to eat, he says he is not hungry. She asks him to share. Rubel says nothing. Rubel says your future husband will feel guilty as you feel bad looking at the front person. Payal says she will finish the starters.

Sadanand tells Nirmala that they shall take opinion of a big doctor in Delhi. Nirmala says the same thing. Preeti comes out of her room and feels pain. She calls for Sameer. Preeti says she can’t bear the pain and falls down. Everyone rushes for her. Adi says it is smelling bad and asks Pankhudi to taste it. Pankhudi tastes it and says we will give to everyone. Adi thinks it is mind blowing. Payal 2 says she is close to her room and she never regretted anything. Rubel says we will order the food. Payal 2 says she has eaten much. Rubel says we will go home then. He asks, how you came here? Payal 2 says Harish phuphaji dropped me here. Harish comes and greets them. Rubel thanks her. Harish says good thing is you guys had fun. payal 2 leaves with harish, while Rubel wonders why Payal 1 left and thinks to call her.

Anuj mama asks Adi to bring the dish. Adi brings it and says you will kiss my hands after eating it. Anuj mama and mami eats it and then drinks water. Adi tastes the horrible food. He thinks Pankhudi did something. Pankhudi says she didn’t do anything. Payal 1 comes to Deewan Mansion with Rohit, she asks him to go before anybody sees him. Rubel’s car passes Rohit’s car but he doesn’t see him. Payal 1 is standing still.

Rubel asks her, why you went suddenly. Payal 1 makes an excuse. Rubel falls in her sayings. She requests him not to tell anything to Pankhudi. He promises her. Payal 1 says you are such a sweetheart and hugs him. Adi and Pankhudi argues over the cooked food. Anuj asks him to come to talk about the project. Pankhudi asks about their dinner. Rubel says it was good. Payal 1 goes to change. Rubel says it was a normal dinner. Adi pulls his leg. Rubel says he thinks she likes me. Payal 1 says we needs to confirmed first. Rubel says I am very nervous and don’t know how to talk to her. Pankhudi says she will say yes.

Payal 1 is talking to Rohit on phone and says she will come to meet him tomorrow with phuphaji. She promises to meet him. Pankhudi comes and calls her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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