Veera 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 21st November 2013 Written Update

Ranveeer enters into sarpanch ji premises and ask for employement for depositing veera’s school fees. Sarpanch ji says, you dont need to worry I will arrange money for veera’s fees. Baldev heard all these talk and says in mind “I will see how papa help ranvi.” he informed to his mother. Gunjan came in front of ranveer and ask, How am i looking ?. ranveer says you are not looking good in that dress. they have an argue about dress. Sarpanchji looking for his cheque book but didnt find. Her wife says so you are looking for cheque book , no need to money to give ranvi. Sarpanch ji says i am giving him and he will return in some days. But she refuses to give money.
Veera asks to chaiji, where is veerji gone? I am very hungry, i had made food for him. Ranveer enter into house and gave food into veera’s mouth. veera see the wounds of ranveer and asks how will he got wounded. Ranveer said he fall down from bicycle. Ratan parjai ji take ointment and see the wound and says, this wound is not from fall down from bicycle, tell me the truth. Ranveer says, i have done labour work so that i can deposit veera’s fees. Ratan says, our condition is not good and we are not able to put entrance fees of veera into school. you have my swear if you had again done that work and you will not allowed to go outside of house.

Veera says how can I help to veer ji for collecting money, I have an idea for arranging the money. Chaiji and ratan parjai talk each other, ratan says I know ranveer will understand wrong against me but I am his mother I cant see him like that.

Veera sells her toys and gunjan come and ask to take the cup set. Veera says this cup set is given by veer ji, please take it safely always.

Surjeet gave 1000 rs to veera and says, give that toy to me, you will earn lot of money in little work. Veera refused to give that toy and ratan parjai come and says to veera, we are from farmer’s family and we know the value of hard work. I will buy your toy.

Veera give her all money to ranveer and says now you dont need to do labour work. ranveer says go and fresh up i will prepare food for you.

Veera ask to ranveer, veer ji why you have wake up so late, ok no problem now you take your breakfast. I had taken breakfast today my preeto will take breakfast with you. Ranveer says i will inform to veera’s school that we are not able to deposit the fees. Ranveer calls to veera school and says that we are not able to deposit the fees, then receptionist says that veera fees has already deposited by your mother ratan sampuran singh. Ranveer run towards his mother catch her tightly and veera also come towards ratan parjai.

Precap:- Ranveer says to his mother, you always said that i am veera’s mother. today neither her mother couldnt help her, nor
her real mother. who is veera’s real mother…..

Update Credit to: tushar

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