Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi saying I told everyone that Pankhudi is alive, I saw her last night. She is my Pankhudi. He thanks Nilofer for saving and taking care of Pankhudi. He hugs Ayesha and she pushes him far. She says enough, I want an answer why you are lying, tell them I did not meet with any accident. She says I call you mum since childhood. She looks at Harish and leaves. Rubel says Adi stop. The doctor says let her go, it’s a big truth for her and she needs time to accept this. Nilofer says I will explain her. Payal asks her how did you bring her here, if she does not remember anything. She asks does Nani know this.

Harish gets tensed. Sheela says yes, Payal is right, Nani is your friend and she would have seen your daughter’s faces. Nilofer says if I tell the truth, you won’t believe. She says the truth is when I came here, I did not know that this is Ayesha’s house. She says Nani has not seen Ayesha’s face. Anuj says maybe she is right. He says maybe fate wants Adi to meet Pankhudi. He says memory loss can be treated with time and medicines. Adi says I won’t let Pankhudi go. The doctor says she can stay here with you. Sheela says she is not our Pankhudi, else she would have remembered something, its her ghost.

Avantika scolds her. She stops Nilofer and says I m grateful to you for saving Pankhudi, and giving her a family. She says she is my daughter in law but will be your Ayesha, can I bring her back here. Nilofer says yes, she was never mine, I have just protected her. Avantika thanks her and hugs her. Nilofer cries. Avantika says I can go for my conference peacefully. Adi says yes, till you return, Pankhudi will be fine. The doctor says no, we needs much space, she was in trauma for two years, don’t pressurize her. Avantika says yes. Nilofer asks till I get back from Dubai, can my two daughters be in out house. Adi says yes, sure.

Nilofer thanks them and says I will see Ayesha now. She leaves. The doctot says everything will be fine, we will start our treatment. Adi asks Avantika not to worry. He says her memory will be back soon I promise. Avantika says I know Adi. Diwaker is worried about Bau ji’s health. Ayesha asks Nilofer whats the truth, did they give you money that you sold me. Nilofer says enough, did I give you so less love, you won’t understand to tell her child is not yours.

Nafisa says Ghalib has seen you today and he has threatened me to kidnap you. Ayesha says don’t be afraid. Nilofer says how can I leave you three here alone. She says Ghalib can do anything. Ayesha says so you have taken my identify from me, how can I accept Adi as my husband. Harish comes and asks Ayesha to trust Nilofer. He says till she comes back from Dubai, you are safe with us. Ayesha argues with him. Harish says we have lost our Pankhudi, we can only hope from you to help my son, once he gets to know the truth, I will not stop you.

She says if your son did not accept the truth then……….. He says don’t say this, I don’t want to lose my son. He says I m sure that you want to help us. Nilofer says Allah also asks us to help others. She says give a new life to Adi by bringing him out of past. Ayesha says I like spicy food, what will I eat if I become Pankhudi. Harish says I will do anything. Everyone smile. Ayesha hugs Nilofer and says I m ready.

Bau ji gets serious. The doctor checks him and says do his test. His fever is not lowering. Mama looks on. Bau ji says Pankhudi. Mama tells the doctor that Pankhudi is dead. Adi waits for Pankhudi. Avantika says I will be out for two days, try to understand Pankhudi, if you want to support her, give her some time, and see everything will be like before. Adi says I will miss you mum and hugs her. Adi says Harish went to meet Nilofer. She says I will go and see. Harish says Ayesha, trust me, I understand your fear.

Avantika comes there and smiles seeing Pankhudi. She holds her hand and says no one will force you to become Pankhudi, till you remember everything, you be as Ayesha. Live the life the way you want to live, follow your religion, I promise no one will disturb it, but come home. Nilofer says she can’t be with any strange man like this. Avantika says he is her husband. Harish says doctor said till Pankhudi gets her memory back, we should not put any pressure on her, and Ayesha is still unmarried. Avantika says fine, she will stay as Ayesha in our house, no worries. Harish says we will take care of your daughter. Ayesha says fine, but my condition is no one will call me Pankhudi.

Harish says yes, we will call you Ayesha. Nafisa says I will pack her bag. Ayesha says I want to talk to my mum alone. Anuj and Sheela have a talk. She says its Pankhudi’s ghost, maybe they all are ghosts, and came to ruin our family. Rubel says yes, its that, write a book on them. Sheela says such a nice idea, I will start now. She leaves. Adi comes and Rubel says Pankhudi will be coming. Diwaker says we have to admit Bau ji in hospital. Mama says we should take him to Mumbai, we have Diwaan family there. Diwaker says no, we should not trouble them. Mama says we still have relations with the.

Ayesha says I m scared to share the room with Adi. Nilofer says if it happens, tell the truth, then we will see what happens. Ayesha nods yes.

Harish and Avantika bring Ayesha home. Adi shows Welcome back Pankhudi board.

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