Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Appa getting dressed like a hero. He says I don’t believe Madhu can like a Punjabi Kakkad, I m not less than a hero. Vandu and Bala see him and are surprised. Amma comes and laughs on him. She says you have two daughters and two grandchildren. She asks did you get any old girlfriend. He says I m not like you to keep old boyfriend. Raman is angry and talks to himself in his room. He says how can he call such a beautiful set gaudy. Does she know the meaning of gaudy, these Madrasis are gaudy. He says there is a problem, I can’t tell her anything, as she is Salsa champion, else she will not help me in dance. He calls someone and says I want my Salsa costumes today, I want to wear it and practice.

Ishita comes to him and sees him practicing. She thinks I told him a lot, he is much hurt. If I say sorry, he will be irritated, I have to plan good, I will take him out and then say. Raman says I can’t do Salsa. He asks what, can’t you knock. She says why, its my room and my husband. He says come to the point. She says we did much arrangements and works, I did not get time for myself, I was thinking I should go to a coffee shop and relax for an hour. He says yes. She says so sweet, I know you are so busy and you are taking me out. He says when did I say. She says come, we are friends.

He asks when did we become friends, are you taking medicines properly. He says are you mad. She says fine I will ask Ruhi. He stops her and says come, give me two mins to change. He gets Tandon’s call. Tandon says I m coming home with Mihir’s clothes. Raman smiles and says I m at home all day, come. Raman tells Ishita that he can’t come with her. Ishita calls Tandon that we are going out, but family will be at home. Tandon says don’t take tension, I m coming to give Mihir’s sherwani and meet him. She says fine, we will meet you later. Raman says what do you think you are. She says smart, so lets go friend.

She says I have make many phone calls and talk to Ruhi if you don’t come, get ready and come. She leaves. He says someone told right, the world has changed, woman are ahead of men. Ishita comes to Mihika and asks when is Vibhu coming, call him now, I have a solid plan. She asks her to do what she is saying. Tandon gives the sherwani to Mihir and asks about his family. Mihir says I have only Raman. Tandon says we are also for you. He says Trisha selected this for you. Mihir sees Mihika and Vibhu at their door. Mihika hugs Vibhu and Mihir gets jealous and broken from within.

Vibhu touches Mihika’s hair and Mihir comes to hear them. Mihika says I liked the saree which you brought, lets wear same color clothes on engagement. Vibhu says I planned our honeymoon. He holds her hand. Mihir says leave her hand else I will break it. Mihir shuts the door. Vibhu leaves her hand and says I m sorry. Mihika says we have to only act, I can’t do this now. Vibhu says don’t worry, Mihir will confess his love, he loves you, someone has to remind him. Mihir tells Tandon that he is not happy with this.

Tandon says what, about what, clothes or this honeymoon plan, what happened, Trisha loves you a lot and you better not hurt her. If you hurt her feelings, Raman has pay for her every tears, so think and say what you want to say, think about Raman’s company. Mihir says what are you saying, I was not telling about engagement, but about clothes, these are loud, but will this if you like it. Tandon says sorry, I was dramatic. He holds Mihir’s hand and says Trisha is like my daughter, so I get emotional for her.

He says once you get married, you can change her taste. Mihir thinks he can keep Trisha happy, but not himself. Ishita and Raman come to the coffee shop. Everyone welcome them. The manager says its our 10th anniversary, we kept gifts for our first 50 customers. Ishita thinks Ravan Kumar will be less rude, but its hard to make him smile, like finding water in desert, should I say sorry or what……….. Raman says did you come to see my face or tell anything. She says actually………. They get their coffee. Raman says now tell me. She says the necklace….. He says yes, I know its gaudy, throw it. She says will you talk non stop, let me say.

He says I m your friend, so talk like that. She says fine, what shall I call you, when I m with my friends, everyone does backbiting about husbands. She starts complaining and pulling his leg acting she is talking to her friend Rama. She says he is so mean and rude. He says really, he might have something good, then why are you with him. She says he is sweet, he bought a expensive necklace for me and ………….. She sees Trisha there with Romi and is shocked.

Raman says what else, say its gaudy, bad, you don’t like. Ishita says one min. She says turn and see. She says I was right, there is something in between Romi and Trisha. He says you brought me here to show them, as you know they are coming here. Sheb says I m shocked seeing them. He says shut up, come with me. He takes her to them. He says Ishita wants to ask you something. Ishita says no. Raman says ask them. Ishita says Trisha its looking strange to ask, but whats in between you and Romi. Trisha laughs and says there is nothing. Romi says you are mistaken, we came to see DJ’s list.

Romi’s friend DJ also comes and greets them. Ishita thinks who was with Trisha that day, if not Romi. Raman takes Ishita and says is it over now, lets go, friendship is over, they are from same house, so came to have coffee, use your mind. I have work, if you want to come, you can. He leaves. Ishita thinks she brought Raman here to apologize, but maybe she will get a chance to talk to him at night.

Its night, Raman waits for Ishita in the compound. She comes and sees some girls watching Raman and saying he is cute. He waves to them seeing her. He says is something burning, I felt, you don’t tryst you are with hot property, girls like me. She says yes I m lucky. He says yes I m unlucky. He asks what were you doing there, you had to wear western dress and came in this saree. She says I thought I will change there. Some ladies call Raman dashing. Raman smiles. Pammi says Ishita, take care of Raman, any girl can take him. Ishita smiles. Music plays…………….. Raman thinks now I will show her my Salsa.

Shagun tells Ashok that she thinks Mihir’s engagement is happening against his will. He says its with Tandon’s sister. You stay out of this, what about entertainment tonight. She says the night is still not over. She talks to Tandon and says actually Raman and Ishita……………… Raman looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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