Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th March 2013 Written Update

Rubal is angry & Aditya goes behind him & wants to stop him from going & Aditya asks Rubal what’s the reason?

Rubal says he already knows the reason & he is trying to act as if he doesn’t know & the reason for his broken marriage is him & because of him he had to call off his marriage.

Aditya says what nonsense reason is that why is he calling off his relationship because of him & says what happened in his room was just a misunderstanding.

Rubal says to everybody that look what Aditya is saying it is just a misunderstanding i might be younger to Aditya but i am not stupid that i can’t understand that he is trying to come closer to his fiancee.

Pankhuri shouts at Rubal saying that before saying something he should think hard that what he is saying & how can he cheap allegations on his brother Aditya & that she is not surprised because only he can say cheap things like this.

Rubal shouts back & says oh whatever he is saying its looking cheap to her & what his dear husband is doing is not cheap for her & asks her to better stay out of this matter.

Aditya warns Rubal to stop it.

Nanaji asks Rubal to stop his rubbish talks or else.

Rubal talks back to Nanaji & asks or else what will he do.

All stares at Rubal’s behaviour & Rubal says or else he will throw him our of this house & he doesn’t expected anything else from his dadaji & excepted that he would chuck him out coz he would never see what wrong Aditya is doing & in his eyes wrong things are done by me but this is my life & he will never let anyone take control over his important decisions & even if its you(dadaji).

Aditya asks Rubal to shut up but Rubal instigates Aditya that what will he do hit him & provokes him & says Aditya is diverting from the topic but Nanaji asks Aditya to let Rubal talk because he should not have any complaint that his dadaji didn’t hear him.

Latika comes & asks Rubal that in all this what is her fault & why is he is not ready to marry her.

Rubal says to Latika that its not her fault but till Aditya will stay here in this house both won’t be happy & continue having fights.

Anuj & Sheila are enjoying the drama.

Rubal says out loud that coz Aditya will have his evil eyes on Latika.

Aditya grabs Rubal’s collar in rage & Sheila pushes Rubal & scolds Rubal has he lost his mind & also isn’t he shameful of talking cheaply about Aditya & asks why is he blaming Aditya.

Rubal says if she is also taking Aditya’s side then he doesn’t wish to talk to her & he said what he had been noticing that since he & Latika got engaged Aditya has been trying to eye on Latika & his attitude & intentions have changed.

Aditya says what nonsense he is talking about his intentions can’t he see he is individual about Latika.

Rubal asks Aditya that he is lying & why doesn’t he accept the truth that the girl once he got engaged & now she is his fiancee & he’s feeling defeated & Aditya Kumar is a person who does what he wants & also makes other also do.

Aditya says its a waste of time arguing with him coz to win an argument he has to stoop down to his level.

Rubal says don’t stoop down to his level & he is telling him his decision & not asking him advice.

Aditya says but he is giving him an advice that decision of marriages are not one sided but two people are involved & cancelling marriage just for a stupid reason & destroy some ones life.

Rubal says oh really didn’t he remember this advice when he cancelled his engagement with Latika & what was his reasons at least he has valid reasons.

Preeti bua asks Rubal to stop it & asks what is he talking in front of her dad & maybe he is not shameful but others are getting embarrassed & he is Dewan family’s son but his thoughts are so cheap & degrading & if he doesn’t wish to marry then leave it & forget it once & for all.

Latika asks Preeti maasi how can you say this & what is her fault & why is she been treated like a toy.

Anuj comes in between & says that he also thinks its wrong on Rubal’s part that he should not leave Latika but he wants to know at what basis Rubal is saying all this.

Nanaji says on a base which is totally baseless why are you people even discussing it.

Rubal says now this discussion is seeming baseless to him & i do not blame without base or evidence & how in Avantika’s dinner party Aditya carried Latika in his arms.

Aditya says what’s wrong as Latika’s foot was injured & so he carried her to help her but not with any wrong intentions.

Pankhuri says by this what is he trying to prove.

Rubal asks Pankhuri to stay away as he has already warned her & then Rubal asks Latika that was she so badly hurt that Aditya had to lift her in his arms.

Latika says it was hurting but not so much that i couldn’t have walked on her own when she fell she was trying to get up & Aditya offered help & she thought he would help her walk but before she could react Aditya picked her up.

Rubal says see this is Aditya’s reality & can some one explain what intentions he has.

Aditya says to Latika that she was crying with pain & also said she was unable to walk & so he picked her up & took her to dad’s house.

Rubal asks Latika that did you say to Aditya that you can walk without support or not?

Latika says yes & Rubal says did u people hear that & tells Aditya that if there is a sprain foot it will pain but that does not mean you can carry someone else’s fiance in your arms.

Rubal says you all are seeing this discussion in open & now decide why Aditya is going behind Latika.

Preeti bua says Rubal you are sick.

Anuj asks Preeti to not interfere as he knows how much Rubal loves Latika.

Nanaji asks Preeti to let Rubal say what he wishes.

Aditya says yes Preeti bua let Rubal speak up as he want to know at what degree of level he stoops down.

Sheila asks Rubal to get inside along with her or else another Mahabharat will take place & she doesn’t wish to see two brothers of one family fight like this.

Rubal says he also do not wish to fight but he wants to say what he has noticed about Aditya & also remind how Aditya had got hold of Latika’s scarf & picture album is present as he can lie but not photographs.

Aditya says it was just coincidence was going & saw Latika’s scarf & by chance pics had been clicked.

Rubal says this is what you call by chance & can also be a coincidence that you had attended a call & Latika was in the washroom okay understandable but can it also be a coincidence that room door was shut.

Aditya shouts & replies that yes it was a coincidence that he never knew that Latika was in the washroom in the same room & Aditya asks what does he wants to prove.

Rubal says to Aditya that his ego is hurt that Latika is getting married to the person he hates & in fact is jealous.

Aditya says me & jealous of you.

Rubal says yes he can prove that he is jealous & that he purposely kept his room open so that he can see what was going on in the room.

Pankhuri defend Aditya that he never knew Latika was in the room & Aditya was with Anuj.

Rubal says he cannot believe him but Pankhuri says but its the truth she herself saw Aditya discussing business with Anuj mamaji & she was about to call Aditya.

Rubal says both husband & wife & so much love exists between them that all proof are against her husband but she is still supporting him.

Pankhuri says she doesn’t need to know from him whom to trust & whom she should not trust & that now Aditya will not give any one any explanation.

Aditya says yes he doesn’t need to give explanation to anyone & he doesn’t care who thinks what about him.

Anuj mamaji says why would he care now as he is able to understand his plan that why didn’t he question much on Latika & Rubal idea of live-in relationship coz he wanted Latika to be around & you could take advantage & that he also has doubts over his intentions.

Preeti says to her brother Anuj that its his doubt till today you have been repeating what Sheila & Rubal say & he never had own opinions ever infact she is surprised how is Sheila stating Rubal is wrong & you are supporting instead.

Nanaji says now nobody will utter a single word in this house nobody will never ever discuss this topic & asks is that clear!!

Nanaji then asks Rubal to speak up as to what can be done to make him not cancel his marriage with Latika.

Rubal says out loud exile!!!

Aditya & Pankhuri are shocked.

Rubal says they didn’t understand so he will explain asks Nanaji to chuck them out of this house for lifetime.

All looked shocked & Rubal says he doesn’t think after what happened he & Aditya can stay under one roof.

Sheila asks Rubal to marry Latika & stay somewhere else.

Rubal says why should he go elsewhere its his house & if Aditya wants him not to cancel his marriage he has to leave this house forever.

Preeti says have you lost it Rubal this house is equally Aditya’s too he has equal rights if you have problem you leave but Aditya will not go anywhere.

Aditya says to Rubal that he now gets the real picture but he will not leave his Nanaji because of him.

Nanaji is hurt & is in deep thoughts.

Aditya says he doesn’t have interest in the house but he worries for his Nanaji & loves & will not leave & who is he to chuck him out.

Rubal says he is the rightful owner

Latika says because of her both are fighting so she should go away.

Rubal stops & says he was quiet all the way thinking about Nanaji’s feelings but now he won’t stay quiet & he has decided Aditya will stay or him.

Aditya says fine!! & asks Nanaji to decide & that he can’t deal with Rubal’s stupid conditions.

Nanaji says Aditya that now its about time to give up every think & it will be better if Aditya & Pankhuri go to their house.

Aditya says you are saying.

Nanaji says yes am saying what is right & return to dad’s house.

Aditya & Pankhuri are teary eyed.

Rubal asks to obey dadajis command & pack bags & leave.

Aditya asks Nanaji he believe Rubal more than him & Nanaji says its not about trust & believe but a decision & dads house is your house & not this.

Preeti Pankhuri & Aditya & shanky kaka are shocked & teary eyed.

Aditya says he has lived in this house from his childhood & all his childhood memories are of this house & he used to tell him its his house & today he is saying dad house is his house & not this & shouts.

Nanaji says what he had to say he has already said & now its his wish what he wants but if he has respect for him & self respect his shadow also should not fall in this house & he should be gone by morning.

The devil party are happy & Preeti says why is he not chucking our Rubal instead of Aditya.

Aditya says he knows he will never go against his commands & shouts at Pankhuri to pack their bags as he doesn’t want to stay in others house & shouts at Pankhuri that didn’t she hear that don’t they have self respect or not?

Preeti asks Aditya to calm down & she’ll not let anyone chuck him & Aditya says to Preeti that didn’t she listen the head of the family has declared that this house is not mine & tells Pankhuri he will not live in this house.

Preeti cries & pleads her dad to stop Aditya from leaving but he stands still with tears.

Preeti pleads Aditya & Pankhuri to stay back & Pankhuri stands & in his anger Aditya says to Pankhuri that does she wish to stay back as he will leave her.

Preeti keeps pleaded but Aditya shouts & calls Pankhuri to hurry up & Pankhuri wanted to take blessing but Aditya says whatever blessing Nanaji wanted to give he has given asks her to leave in hurry up.

Pankhuri takes blessings & leaves crying.

Precap:- Avantika opens the door & Harish & his mom are shocked to see Aditya & Pankhuri.

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