Parvarish 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 20th March 2013 Written Update
Lucky ji n sweet ji trying to talk with rinku’s daddy. He was adamnat on getting her engagaed. Sweety ji then tries persuading him. She makes him understand d importance of Education. She

explains, that at present, rinku’s education should b prime concern rather then her engagement.
riinku’s dad was listening to her quitely n patiently.
Rocky comes in d room. Sweety ji n lucky shocked to see him. he comes n say,.”uncle i m sorry but i came here. I also went to meet rinku. I m sorry but i asked her to run with me , but uncle she

refused .. Uncle she loves u a lot n she s getting engaged , just to reciprocate her love. Uncle pls stop dis engagement”
Rinku’Daddy walks out of the room. All 3 follow.
he enters rinku’s rom. She was crying. He finalyy hugs her n say dat now he will focus on her education rather den her engagement. He will try to give her best of education.
Sweety ji n lucky ji very happy seing this.

Her dad says to lucky dat he will try providing rinku best of education but will not send her to delhi.

Rocky asks him to let him spak with rinku for 5 min, just last tym.
every 1 leaves room , except for rocky n rinku.
Rocky says that if dere love was true …den dey will meet again. But for now dey will just concentrate on dere studies.

Dey share a parting hug.

At Home,
all 3 rocky, lucky n sweety reach home. Rocky n lucky talking. Rocky says that he will become sumthing in life, n den will think about love n pther emotions. Lucky proudly hugs him . Sweety ji also

comes ..n den a family hug.

next day,

Ginny in her class. Her classmates making fun of her. They teases her by caling her behenji. Ginny feels bad about it.
All classmates plan to go for a coffee. they were leaving without even asking ginny. She says that she also wanna join dem all. One girl, pavitra, says , that ginny have u taken permission from your

They all again tease her.
Ginny somehow ignores n dey all head for cafe.
In the cafe,
Every girl was busy with dere boyfriens. Ginny was feeling boring. She picks up a guitar n starts singing. Then , the same girl, pavitra, tells her to stop singing as it was disturbing dem all.
Ginny feels bad.

In home,
Sweety ji was busy on phone. Ginny comes, she tries to talk to sweety ji, but she was busy.
Ginny enters her room n was crying.

No Precap

Update Credit to: tani23

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