Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Ayesha that he would have felt bad if she went from this house today. He smiles and leaves. She says even I would have felt bad, but why did Nani lie to everyone, did…… Harish tells Avantika he has long shoot, and he will see her tomorrow morning. He asks what did she decide, how will she apologize to Ayesha, she deserves a sorry. She says I think the matter is over. She says she got confused by her confession. He says fine, as your wish but there is difference between Avantika and Sheela, as Avantika is not afraid to accept her mistake. Sheela sings the song Mujhse juda hoke tumhe dur jana hai………….. holding the locker. She cries as the locker is going in Nani’s room.

Shanky comes and says Nani is asking for this locker. Sheela says take it. Payal talks to Sheela and says Sheela has gone mad. Sheela gets angry and says I m very angry now. Payal says calm down, I was joking. Sheela says but I m not joking, I m not a fool like you, Ayesha has embarrassed me, see how I kick out Ayesha from this house, as its not about property now, but about my pride.

Ayesha comes to Nani and asks why did she lie that she took money from locker. Nani asks why did she lie. Ayesha says I had a reason. Nani asks what. Nani shuts the door and asks her to answer.Nani says I did not think you will take the blame to save a stranger, we are saving the same man, Anuj, he called me and told me everything, so I did this to save you. I m proud of you. Ayesha says I would have done the same if Ruksaar was there in Kaira’s plave. Nani says Payal did this big loss for her greed. Rubel says Payal, we have done wrong by blaming Ayesha.

Payal says its ok, lets not talk about that. She shows him retail expert card and says I want to consult him for my store, it should be grand. Rubel says take a break first. He says its good you are excited about the store, but not a chain of stores, just open a single store. She asks him to invest his savings like Adi. He says no, Adi is a different case. She says it means you doubt on me capabilities. He says I have some business rules and the amount you got from family is sufficient. He says Payal can never get happy.

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Nani says Payal did this. Ayesha says whats Payal’s mistake, she believed in the money doubling scheme. Nani says Kaira also invested as Payal said and Varun lost all the money. Ayesha says yes, varun called Mama to ask for money and he had to go them. Anuj did this to save Payal. Nani says Anuj called you to say when he got you are being blamed. Ayesha says what would I do then. Nani says I m proud of you, you are really like Pankhudi, just win everyone’s heart. Ayesha smiles.

Adi brings Pankhudi’s fav chocolate cake and waits for 12 oclock. He talks to Pankhudi and jokes on her age. Ayesha talks to Nafisa and says she will celebrate Pankhudi’s birthday, I did not tell anyone, but don’t know how will Adi react. Adi lights the candles. Ayesha tells Nafisa that Adi does not listen to me, he is so sad, but he won’t be happy if I go there, he will be annoyed. Nafisa says I know you love Adi a lot. She asks Ayesha to make her love her strength and I m very happy that you are in love with such a nice guy. Ayesha says yes, I don’t know when I fell in love with Adi, and I know he does not love me, but my love is still the same. She says happy birthday Pankhudi seeing her pic. Adi cuts the cake singing happy birthday to you dear Pakhudi, seeing her pic and having tears in his eyes.

Ayesha says I will keep your Adi happy, you just support me. Its morning, Harish comes home. He talks to Avantika and says I wish Pankhudi was with us today. Avantika says come on Harish, if we stay upset, Adi will be more upset. Sheela says we should not remind Adi. Shanky says Adi left for office. Harish asks Avantika to go office and be with Adi. Avantika says no, I think he wants to be alone. Rubel says yes, we should give him space and privacy.

Ayesha comes and greets everyone. She asks for their permission to celebrate Pankhudi’s birthday. Avantika scolds her and says we are trying Adi does not miss Adi. Ayesha says why to miss her being sad, can’t we miss her being happy. Harish says yes, but even I m not sure Adi will feel good or not. Avantika says he won’t feel happy as I know my son. Nani comes and supports Ayesha. Avantika says he will never move on if we remind him about Pankhudi. Sheela says yes, who celebrates birthday of dead people.

Ayesha says whats strange in this, we miss her daily and this is also the way. Avantika says I don’t want any discussions. Anuj comes home and supports Ayesha. He says we will celebrate Pankhudi’s birthday. He says we will do it grand. Avantika goes to him. He says yes, lets make it a happy evening for Adi. She says I m quite sure he does not want all this. Anuj says I got a message on my mobile, just check yours too. She checks her phone and he says Adi is giving donations to children and many other charity organizations. Avantika calls to confirm. She comes to know Adi gave big donation by Pankhudi’s name.

Anuj says if Adi was running, he would have not given donations on Pankhudi’s name. Anuj says we have to make this day special for him. Sheela says you lost your mind. Anuj says you did, as you create a mess in every good thing. Nani says I guess its clear that Adi is not running from reality, now no one needs to be adamant. Ayesha looks on.

Ayesha gets ready and Anuj says we will get all answers in the party.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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