Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Manik chacha and he says everything will be same as before. Rubel asks him to stop acting. Anuj says Chachi, you don’t have to feel guilty and we are ok with Dad’s decision to give you half of the property. Adi says whatever is in Pankhudi’s name is for everyone. Manik says he said the truth and nobody should discuss about the will. Latika tells Sheela that they have lost everything. Anuj makes it clear that nobody shall challenge this “will” or else search a new house. Sheela tells Anuj that Rubel overreacted and goes to talk to him. She tells Rubel not to worry, Rubel says Dadaji must had think about my unborn child. Sheela says she doesn’t have any answer and says Dad gave half of his property to his disowned brother. Sheela says she will not

bear it. She says Avantika will not help her as indirectly she got everything. She says she will have to think of a plan.

Avantika and Preeti discuss about their Dad’s will and wonders why he did gave half of the property to Manik Chacha. Avantika says she is not interested in property but why Dad did it. Harish says why Dad gave me all the powers instead of Nanu. Adi says he is also not understanding and says Rubel is thinking that we influenced Nanu to make this will. Pankhudi suggests that whatever she got shall be transfer to Rubel. Avantika says she don’t have any problem with her and says why Dad didn’t think about Anuj bhai and Preeti. Avantika suspects Manik Chacha. Anuj says we are you thinking like this and says I should be the one thinking, because I and Rubel didn’t get anything in this will. He says he doesn’t want to question Dad and repeat his mistake. He tells Avantika that he is surprised that she is doubting on Dad. Anuj says he had faith on Dad’s decision. Anuj says he is feeling as Dad’s back amongst them with the chote chacha’s arrival. Avantika says Dad is back, what happened to him. Harish gets a call and he informs them that he can’t come for the shoots till 12 days.

Manik tells Adi that on the 12th day of the dead person, mourning completes and Bhai saheb didn’t want you people to get sad. Sheela asks Rubel to participate in the mourning. The pandit declares that the grand son shall be sitted beside the son of the dead soul to do the puja. Sheela nods him to go. Manik asks him to come., Rubel sits beside his father. Pandit asks the Preeti and Avantika to do the tika. Avantika do the puja and Shanky informs her that someone came. They sees someone on the wheel chair with a lady and two other ladies. Anuj gets up and surprised. Manik introduces his family to all the Deewan’s.

Chachiji tells Avantika that she didn’t met Bhai saheb even once and consoles Avantika. Pankhudi says Manik chacha said that he used to live in the Deewan Mansion, then why Chachiji said that she didn’t meet Nanu. Adi is in thoughts. Latika says Chachi is looking young. Sheela taunts Latika. Manik Chacha tells Avantika that Manorama is his second wife. His first wife died after giving birth to Revathi. He blames his first wife for the seperation between him and Nanu. Manik says Adi that his son is his mama. Adi says he will call them by their name as they are of same age group. Adi talks with them. The Pandit starts the puja and declares Anuj as the head of the family from now onwards. He asks Anuj to take the blessings of his dead parents. Chachiji says mourning is over now and we will celebrate all the festivals like before. Sheela and Anuj takes her blessings. Pankhudi looks at Manik chacha’s bahu Anuradha.

Pankhudi talks with Dadaji on phone and says she will talk with Adi and tell him about his decision.

Manik chacha says so many people came and it will be difficult to adjust. Anuj asks them to shifts in the guest room and Chacha and Chachi to Dad’s room. Avantika says how they can shift to Dad’s room as still Dad belongings is there. The episode ends on Pankhudi.

Adi asks Pankhudi to sign on some papers, but she declines and says she can’t sign it. She says it doesn’t look good if you give money to my family.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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