Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Varun talking to Nani. He says I miss my parents a lot. I wish they were with me. Nani makes him happy and asks him to be cheerful. Vikram hears this and looks on. Avantika gives the ancestral jewellery to Kaira. Avantika says you are special and hugs her. Pankhudi is tensed. Payal asks her what happened. Rubel asks where is Adi. Pankhudi lies to him and says come with us, we need help. Sheela stops Avantika and says I m annoyed, after what you did today. Avantika says please come to the point. Sheela says what was the need to gift such an expensive jewels to Kaira. Avantika says its none of your business. She leaves. Preeti says let it go, don’t feel bad. Preeti hugs Sheela.

Anuj and Adi come to the hotel for the meeting. Adi says we will reach back on time. Farhan says their meeting finished. Vikram says they will still take two hours to come, poor Diwaans. Pankhudi calls Adi and asks him to come soon. Adi says the meeting ended, we are coming. Avantika asks Pankhudi whats the matter. Vikram tells Amrita its not about money, but my reputation. Amrita says whats Kaira’s mistake in all this. You have sent Adi and Anuj so that they don’t be in kanyadaan, what did you get doing this. He says pleasure. Amrita says enough, no anymore, what you are doing is wrong and I will not let wrong happen with Diwaans, I will tell everyone that you are doing this and you are easing out Rs. 200 crores from them.

Avantika scolds Pankhudi for letting them do. Sheela says Anuj should have understood, if they don’t come. Avantika says Kaira should now know this. Harish says maybe it was important, else Anuj and Adi would have not gone. Vikram holds Amrita’s hand and says if you tell everyone, I don’t have any issue with that, remember I won’t let you come in my house and you can’t think what I will do with Varun. He says lets go and tell them. He takes her with him. Nirmala is annoyed with Preeti.

Vikram tells everyone that Amrita wants to say something. He says Amrita is annoyed with me, she feels anuj and Adi should have not gone. He says Anuj heard me talking and he said he and Adi will go. Adi insisted, I did not ask him to go. Harish says its fine. We still have time, I m sure they will be back.

Payal asks what happened. Rubel says everything is fine. Payal says the pandit is asking Kaira and Varun to come in the mandap. Sheela says how will the kanyadaan happen now. Avantika says calm down. Vikram says if Anuj does not come on time, Avantika and Harish can do the kanyadaan as we have to follow the mahurat time. He leaves. Avantika gets angry on Vikram. Harish says he is right. Rubel asks Sheela not to worry. Adi and Anuj are caught in the traffic. Pankhudi calls and asks Adi where are you. Adi says we are reaching.

Anuj asks Adi why did he lie. Pankhudi says Adi said he is coming. Harish says lets wait for sometime. Anuj says we did not reach half way also, I don’t think I will reach my daughter’s kanyadaan. Anuj cries. Adi shows him metro rail. Bau ji asks Vikram why is he worried. Vikram says I want Anuj and Adi to come before the mahurat else I won’t be able to forgive myself. Bau ji says the thing which is destined will happen. Bau ji says I knew your dad. He says he was a very nice man. Vikram says how did you know him. Bau ji says we had old relations. Vikram thinks. Adi and Anuj go to catch the train. Vikram smiles thinking they won’t come now.

Varun and Kaira sit in the mandap. Harish says Adi is not taking my call. The pandit asks Kaira’s parents to come for the kanyadaan. Adi and Anuj come on bike. Vikram is shocked to see them. Everyone are happy. Adi says I told you I will bring you on time. Rubel says Adi told me he is coming by train, so I have sent bike on the station. Adi says don’t worry till Kaira’s brothers are here. He says Vikram relax, the deal is done. Vikram thinks about Bau ji’s words.

Kaira’s bidaai is shown. Everyone talks to her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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