Veera 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 1st April 2014 Written Update

Balwant tayaji says, we have to give some time for ranveer and gunjan. we have to send them shimla and manali. baldev says, i will also go with them. Baldev goes into dream and in dream he sees that he and veera goes to shimla and veera says him to pick her up into hands. balwant ji says to baldev, oye what happens?
Baldev says to bansari, why are you not thinking about me. I will run away. Bansari says, i have also thought about you and i have collected jewellery and clothes for your wife. Baldev says, please show me. Bansari ji show the clothes to baldev. Then bansari ji show the jewellery and she sees that there is no jewellery present in drawer.
Baldev says, i will see in it, you see at another location. Bansari ji says, hayo rabba, kithe gye mere gahney…Baldev says, dont worry, i will look everything. balwant ji says, this type of work doesnt happen in our home previously. Balwant ji says, lets ask with gunjan, you have given gifts to gunjan at holi, is it possible that it will gone with gunjan.
Gunjan tries to give handkerchief to ranveer but ranveer uses himself handkerchief. Veera sees everything.
Bansari ji ask from gunjan that have you seen my jewellery? Ranveer understand everything. Jaswant came to balwant ji home and baldev gets angry and tries to beat him. Ranveer comes into matter and says, i will bring out the truth from jaswant. Balwant ji says, ok now its on ranveer to get the truth. Jaswant ji says, i am not thief. Ranveer says, i know uncle, dont worry.
Jaswant says, i will go outside from this pind. Ranveer says, there is no need to go outside from this pind.
Ranveer says to gunjan, why you didnt say truth? come with me and bring out jewellery from bank and give it to bansari taiji.
gunjan doesnt go with ranveer. Ranveer says, what happen? Tell me the truth. Gunjan says, i have morgage jewellery in bank and get 75000 for cannada. Then she tells the whole story. Ranveer says, i cant believe that you have done this with your parents. i forgive you everytime but not this time.

Precap:- Biji gives 4 lacs to deposit in bank and ranveer ask from biji, can i take 75000 rupees in it. Biji ask,why you need so many rupees. Ranveer says, i cant tell you right now.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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