Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela saying there is no value for her. Avantika asks Pankhudi to rest. Adi asks her to let Pankhudi work else she will disturb him. Rubel says good morning and asks about Govardhan mama. Pankhudi says he left. Rubel says you should have wake me. I will go and say bye to him. Adi says they are in Kulu now and laughs on him. Rubel says he will go tomorrow. Adi says we will have breakfast first. Shanky and the other servant brings Chachaji’s luggage from his room. Everyone are shocked.

Nirmala asks Sadanand about the Doctor’s opinion. Preeti comes and Nirmala asks her to rest as she is stressed of marriage. Sadanand too asks her to rest. Preeti says ok and asks for her reports. Sameer asks her to rest. Preeti leaves. Sameer asks Sadanand about the doctor’s opinion. Sadanand says Doctor opinion is right, one kidney of Preeti is damaged. We have to start her dialysis process and the baby’s survival chances are equivalent to zero. And may be she couldn’t conceive again in her life. Preeti hears everything and is shocked. Sameer breaksdown and cries. Preeti is shocked and goes to her room.

Adi says, can’t we live under one roof. Chachaji says we can’t go if you bind us with your love. Chachiji says we have to take care of everything also. We will enjoy the holidays together in Sultanpur haveli. Sheela says they will surely come. Kapil says he will miss the family reunion and hugs Adi. Adi says he will miss him. CBI officers comes to arrest Kapil. Preeti recalls Sadanand words and cries. Kapil says you will be upset as I am going but please smile. I want to take the good memories with me. She meets everyone and then meets Chachaji and Chachiji. Chachiji is crying badly. he hugs Anuradha and Revathi. Adi requests the officer to minimise Kapil’s punishment. Officer says they will be fair and asks them to come to give the statement. Anuradha cries miserably as Kapil is taken away by the CBI. Chachiji cries aloud, Chachaji asks her to take care of herself.

Payal 1 tells Susheela mami that she is going. Susheela mami says you might be going with that guy. Payal 1 asks,what is your problem? Govardhan mama tells her to understand that her father don’t like the person of her choice. Payal 1 says she will marry with her wish and nobody can stop her. She goes inside. Susheela tells Govardhan mama that she is being stubborn. Susheela says that guy is living on his father’s money and even reached Mumbai. Govardhan mama thinks to discuss with Payal’s father. She says she will talk about the proposal and asks him to talk to Payal’s father.

Chachaji asks Pankhudi to keep the family united always. Chachiji says you are big than us. you made us realise our mistakes but it was too late, Kapil left. Anuj says, you are not going far. Adi says they will come whenever they misses her. Sheela says they have to go there by train. Rahul comes, Chachiji says she called him and asks him to help Revathi fulfilling her dream. Adi says nobody can stop her from becoming a super star. Pankhudi asks Anuradha not to worry. Chachaji says sorry to nanu’s photo. Anuj tells Chachaji that they are getting late.

Payal 1 father tells Govardhan mama that how can he gets marry Payal to that guy. Susheela mami suggests that the groom should be from outside Kulu. Payal’s dad says he don’t want her to marry a wrong guy. govadhan mama and Susheela mami tells him about Rubel’s marriage proposal for Pankhudi and says he is Pankhudi’s brother in law.

Pankhudi is cooking in the kitchen, Sheela mami comes and says, why you started working today. Pankhudi says she didn’t marry for the first time. Sheela says it was fun. and says she decided to remarry Anuj on their 25th marriage anniversary. Pankhudi says, whether this year will be your 25th marriage anniversary. Sheela says no, and says she is married for 15 years. Pankhudi says but Rubel bhaiyya is 25 years old. Sheela says you talks much. She says she is worried about rubel and says whether he will get ready to marry and move on after Latika’s betrayal. She says, he needs a good life partner and asks Pankhudi to talk to Rubel.

Adi tells Avantika, why you want to go. Avantika says why you are discussing again and again. Adi says he will miss her. Avantika says he has Pankhudi now and says she discussed with Harish. And tells about Payal 2 marriage proposal for Rubel. She says she saw them bonding together during marriage.

Susheela mami tells her brother that Rubel’s first make was for namesake. Payal 1 dad agrees. Adi agrees and says it is a good idea. He says he will settled Rubel. Susheela mami calls Pankhudi and tells her about Payal 1 and Rubel’s alliance.

Pankhudi sees Rubel hiding Payal 1 photo beneath the pillow. Adi tells Avantika that Rubel and Payal 1 bonding will increase if they interacts with each other. He asks her to do as he said.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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