Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Juhi says sorry just starting for court..! Pihu tells Juhi that wedding attire is here ..n she says will come back a while later! Neha tells Sammy that got ur sherwani..what do u wanna wear? He is lost in thots! He says not feeling well ..! Neha says always eating outside! Sammy says feeling hurt..! Neha says happens coz of a girl..who is it? Sammy avoids it and says hurt a girl and feeling bad about it! Neha says ..ur growing up n getting mature and u are developing feelings for a girl! He says feelings ended with Pam.! Neha says guess this girl is special. i know u have treated all girls the same n the one special one is Pihu! Sammy says not her! Neha asks the name..of the girl! Sammy says leaving if u dun help! Neha says fine. .she suggests him to apologize to the girl sincerely! Take a gift.. chocolates, flowers .. something of her choice! Sammy asks if it will work? Neha says girls dun forgive that easy but if she feels ur sincere ..she mite forgive u! Sammy wonders what to buy!

Priya says will be back by lunch time ..get all things done! Ram asks if she is ready? She says yes! Ram asks if she is sure? Priya says if u dun want me to come wont come! Ram says come along! Sammy keeps pacing around and wonders what to do! Caddy asks what it is? Sammy hides it and says its a gift..! Neha comes. .n asks him to show..! Sammy blushes..! Neha sees and says cocraoch! Sammy says its leech! Neha says.. thot to get meaningful n who is it for? He says it is and its for me and he runs off! Neha asks if Rahul gifted her weird things! Caddy says yes.. when he fell for me! Neha says guess Sammy is in love with someone.. need to find out who the girl is! Caddy grins..that ur gone..Sammy . Neha wont spare till she finds out!

At the court..hearing begins! Juhi is in witness box! She is asked to repeat the deposition! Juhi says .. they were in the same room in the hotel whole nite.. as they were in love and emotionally-physically they were attached..! Juhi says its touf to give deposition in front of all ..but need to repeat that Ram was with me whole nite..! Priya feels awkward and leaves from there!

Sammy comes with gift box..and rehearses with a statue at Pihus place..! He says.. Suhani ..n stammers. .n says this is for u..and am really very sorry! He is happy with his speech! He sees Suhani walk by and rushes to her and says gift for u! Suhani says.. another prank.. if i open it will hit me on my face..! Sammy says its genuine gift..for u..from me..! He opens n shows her..leech pendent! Suhani says.. u really surprise me.. this will hit u.. on ur face..were u less to suck my blood? Sammy says it purifies blood..! Suhani walks off!

Ram goes out in search of Priya..! Sid asks if he is fine? Ram says guess she is very upset..! I explained already.. its a lie.. nothing like this happened..its all for my save me! Priya hugs Ram..! She breaksdown! Ram asks the matter? She says i believe u Mr. Kapoor..! Priya says i know whatever happened in court was a lie. .i was just troubled for the sake of it..! Ram says all this happens in court! Priya says whatever happened is not true.. i know there is nothing between u and Juhi ..and she was lying . a woman can read another womans eyes..! Priya says she was saying all mechanically it was not true.. she lied to save matter what lawyer says.. i know u. .n trust u..! Priya says need to thank Juhi for her favour on us..! Ram says most important thing is ur ok ..!

Part 2

Sid says the hearing has begun ..come in..! RaYa go inside the court! Sammy looks at the leech pendant and sulks..! Pihu sees and says . nice! Sammy says like it keep it! Pihu says u got gift for me? Happy and feel weird too . .lemme wear! She asks how she looks and he says nice!

Neha decides of following Sammy! Caddy asks what is the matter? Neha says if he is in love..he should share with me..! She says am the coolest mother. .why cant he share! Caddy asks her to calm down.. n give space and he will share! Neha says he is my son.. he asked advice . .i gave.. now i need to know who the girl is! Caddy wonders who to feel sorry for. .her or Sammy!

Lawyer asks Juhi .. if she loves Ram for real? He says ur marrying Sid.. n he is back with Priya..! Tell us if u love Ram for real? Maybe ur trying to save him! Juhi asks if he thinks its easy for a woman to keep her repute at stake to save someone? He asks for proof! Juhi breaksdown n says i loved him . .. more than i loved anyone else. .more than i loved my own hubby!! Juhi says i realised after loving Ram that this is my first love..! Seeing Ram with Naina i realized that he is the perfect man .. perfect father. .perfect hubby! When a woman loves a man ..she takes care of all his needs .. n is happy to make him happy n see him happy! Juhi says.. i love Ram and that nite i was with him ..whole nite! Priya is shocked..and fakes a smile..!

Part 3

Pihu asks Neha what to wear and she suggests something! Neha saw the pendant and asks Sammy gave u? Pihu blushes..! Neha says ur blushing.. so sweet.! She says ..i knew something was up ..but who gives leech pendant! Pihu says.. i liked it.. its unique like Sammy..!

Judge says that based on Juhis statement its proven that Ram was with Juhi whole nite and so Mr. Shindes statement is fake and he should be tried for lying.! Case against Ram is dismissed! Ram thanks Juhi ..for what she did for him! Juhi says.. have to call Naina..n she walks off! Sid follows! Ram says thank God the case is over. .lets go home..! Priya is serious! Ram asks not happy? Priya says she loves u .. Juhi loves u..! Ram is shocked!

Precap — Juhis ex hubby comes n says am Ram-Juhis friend ..! What stunt by Juhi.. in front of all ..she has ridiculed .. ur and Rams marriage .. its proven that Juhi and Ram had extra marital affair! Priya glares at him..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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