Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi glancing at Nanu’s photo on his birthday and recalls the conversation with him. Pankhudi comes and asks, are you missing Nanu? Adi says I misses him always. Sheela asks Pankhudi, why you sent Payal and Rubel for shopping and thinks it might be Payal’s mind. Pankhudi says they will come before the puja. Avantika comes, Adi gets happy to see her. She greets Anuj. Adi asks about Harish. Avantika says he is shooting. Adi says, today is Nanu’s birthday. Anuj says I am very happy to see you here. Sheela says she came for Dad’s birthday puja. She says I know you are upset and says nothing is deliberate. Harish comes, everyone smiles looking at him. Adi hugs him and says I knew it. Harish greets Anuj and Rubel and asks for Payal. Sheela says she went

for shopping. Adi asks Pankhudi, whether you are sure? Pankhudi says yes, Payal will mix up in a week. Adi says you should not feel let down by Payal’s behavior. Sushma and Ambika are talking about the neighbour saying about Payal. Ambika worries about Pankhudi.

Anuj tells Avantika that I feels Preeti is tensed about something else she would not have got angry on me. Avantika is about to say, but Sheela tells her to let it be. Adi asks Avantika, shall I talk to Maasi. Avantika says no, Harish says, she might be busy. Avantika thinks to tell everything to Anuj and Harish after the puja. Rubel tells Payal that we will go home. Payal thinks I need to delay him and says I have some work. Rubel says, but everyone will be waiting for us at home. Adi calls him and asks to come fast. Rubel says they are on the way.

Pankhudi prays for well being and happiness of the family. Sheela tells Pankhudi that puja is over but they didn’t turn up until now. Rubel and Payal come. Sheela scolds them for coming late for puja. Rubel says Payal needs to buy something after visiting the exhibition. Sheela scolds them. Pankhudi cover up Payal’s act and says she asked Payal to get the things. Avantika asks Adi, whether everything is fine between Rubel and Payal. Adi says yes. Harish says you know Sheela’s nature. Sheela asks Pankhudi not to cover up Payal’s doings. She asks her to make her understand else she will understand her.

Harish tells Anuj that he has no issues. He says what matters is Rubel’s happiness. Avantika says, I am feeling there is an issue about Payal. Sheela says, my luck is bad as I got Latika and then this Payal. Anuj takes Payal’s side and says everyone can’t be like Pankhudi. Sheela asks Harish, whether your niece would do like this. Harish asks her to adjust for Rubel’s happiness. Avantika thinks to talk to Harish first. Sheela asks Payal and Rubel to take Nanu’s blessings.

Pankhudi gets Govardhan mama’s call and he asks about Payal. Pankhudi tells him that Payal is trying to mix in their family. Mama asks her to support Payal. Harish says we shall leave now. In the car, Avantika tells Harish that I want to talk to you about Preeti. Harish says Sameer came yesterday and told him everything. He says Preeti fighted with you purposely. Avantika says what was the need to fight. Avantika thanks him.

Payal asks Pankhudi, why you lied to Phuphaji. She asks Pankhudi not to lie to save her. Pankhudi says I don’t know what is going on in your mind but I know that you are a good girl and you will not do anything bad with anyone. Payal gets teary eyed. She is leaving. Adi comes and sees her. Payal leaves. Adi asks, what she was doing? Pankhudi says she was feeling guilty. Pankhudi says I will win. Harish and Avantika come home. Didi taunts Harish and asks, did you saw the bride. Avantika praises Payal. Didi gets upset. Avantika says Payal 2 would be very upset if you continues to speak about this. Avantika feels dizziness and sits. Didi says it is better if we goes from here. Harish agrees to her shock.

Didi asks Payal 2 to pack her bags and says your mama asked us to leave. Payal 2 asks, did you said anything to him. Didi cries. Payal 2 tells her that nobody is at fault. She says she was upset when her relation broke off with Rubel and says she wants to start her life afresh. Rubel asks Payal to come o their office. Payal asks Rubel, can I join your office. She says you mom doesn’t like me. Rubel says she likes you. Rubel says you can join from tomorrow. Payal says, she gets weak after seeing Pankhudi’s attitude and thinks who will save me.

Anuj tells that Payal will work under Adi. Pankhudi signs Adi. Adi agrees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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