Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone eating soup. Then everyone start going to the toilet one by one and prabha acts and tells that why Is everyone going to the toilet. Then trisha asks that why are they going to the toilets. Then prabha says that someone must have mixed something in the soup. Then riddhi tells that she had seen ami go in the kitchen. Then trisha goes to see and then brings out the bottle of castor oil and then tells that ami must have put castor oil in the soup. then trisha calls ami loudly and ami comes and tells that why is she calling so loudly. Trisha tells that why did she put castor oil in her friends soup. Ami says she did not. Then prabha and riddhi tell that see how ami is trying to run away from her mistakes.then ami tells

that she has not done anything, then trisha tells her to shut up and tells that she has only done it and because of that her friends are suffering. then ami tells that she has not done it but still its good that her friends are suffering and they are worth it. then sanjay comes and listens all to all these fights and then tells that what happened, then trisha tells that ami has put castor oil in the soup and is now denying of doing that. then ami tells that she does not even know the use of castor oil and why will she put it in the soup. then sanjay tells that ami has not done it and tells that children of ami’s age do not know the use of this thing and most probably it must have been done by an adult or by mistake. then friends say that they dont know anything but just that ami has done it and that they will not come to this house from today. they all go. then ami goes sad in her room and she is crying. then trisha goes away angrily. then sanjay tells prabha that ami is small and she cant do this, prabha tells that she will go and make her.

in the room prabha goes to make ami and then she goes and sits on the rocking chair kept there. she then tells ami that her mom shruti is so shameless and that she has captured over sanjay and all her manners have come to her. then ami tells her to get out of the room and not talk to her, prabha smiles cunningly and is going when she stops and with her own hand she then scratches her hand by herself very badly till a lot of blood comes out. then she goes out. she tells that ami is very angry and prabha acts of crying and then sanjay sees her hand and tells that who did this, prabha tells that forgive ami, sanjay tells that ami is now a child and he should take her under control, then sanjay goes in ami’s room angrily and prabha is telling him to leave ami. in ami’s room sanjay goes and tells her that why did she do this, ami tells that she will do this to anyone if they tease her and make fun of her mother and that she will not leave anyone. sanjay gets sad and is thinking that ami had scratched prabha’s hand, then he tells ami that she is still small and that she should learn to act as a good person, then ami tells him to go from there or else she will go and then tells that he can never be her dad neither her friend.

in prabha’s room riddhi and prabha are making their first celebration of having put ami in trouble and then they are discussing about how they both did their own tricks. then they take a glass of juice and cheer and prabha tells that she will soon throw shruti out of the house.

in the room sanjay is thinking about ami and how she back answered and is also thinking that she is very sad.

next day, everyone are at the breakfast table and are having breakfast, khushboo is also there and then dad asks that where is ami? khushboo tells that she does not want to eat anything. dad tells khushboo to call, khushboo goes to call her but ami sends her back. then riddhi and prabha re telling dad that this all is drama and that ami just wants everyone’s attention towards her. then khushboo tells that she will also not have the breakfast and then sanjay also goes without doing breakfast. in the room sanjay is thinking about ami and then khushboo comes and sanjay asks her that what did shruti did when ami was sad and how did she tell her to eat food. khushboo whispers in his ears.

precap: ami and khushboo are finally having food and then riddhi and prabha tell that ami is so small and that she gave up and that just wanted sanjay’s attention and then they tell that what ami was doing was drama and that she finally came to eat. ami gets angry and throws the plate and tells them ” shut up”, the plate falls in sanjay,s legs.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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