Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Ayesha is she avoiding him. He says Harish and I are missing you. She says she is busy and ends the call. She says she can’t give him time. Ayesha sees Sheela talking in favor of Payal to Rubel. Rubel says its Payal’s mistake, why is she angry on you, I will talk to her. Sheela asks him to talk to Payal well. Rubel gets angry on Payal and Sheela stops him. Payal gets angry and says ask him why I told her to talk to you. Rubel says he won’t forget Payal’s mistake so easily. Payal says fine, but this punishment should be for your mum too. Sheela asks what is she saying. Payal says it was Sheela’s idea to buy designs from Rocky. It was her idea to cheat in the competition. Rubel and Ayesha are shocked.

Sheela and Payal argue. Rubel says stop it, its your mistake mum, I felt you changed, I was wrong. Payal says all the problems between us is because of your family, so its better if we shift from here. She says we won’t enjoy our life if we stay here, as you always have to become an ideal, son and nephew. She says just agree to me, trust me, we both will be very happy always. Sheela interrupts. Payal says we should go far from them, only you and me and our love. Rubel is shocked. Sheela says are you mad, you want to make my son away from me. Rubel says mum stop it, I will talk to her.

Rubel says Payal if she wants this, then its fine, he will leave this family, he is ready. Sheela asks what is he saying. Rubel says let me complete mum. He says yes Payal, but I will give up on everything and spend time with you. He says don’t worry, we will make a small world with our love and I will find a job for myself in a small office. Payal is shocked and asks why will he leave office. Rubel says it’s the same thing. Payal says are you not of your mind, how will we get source of income, its not a good decision.

He says if money is not there, my love will be there. She says love is not everything. He says but you said you want my love, come on support me. Payal gets worried. Rubel asks what happened, afraid hearing this, the matter of fact is you don’t love anyone here, all you care about is money. He says I m tired of you, I want peace in my life. He says you will get price for it, you will get blank cheque by me, but after that we don’t know each other. Payal is shocked. He says I will give your first payment now itself. Ayesha is shocked hearing this and thinks whats happening. I can’t let this happen.

Rubel signs the blank cheque and asks Payal to fill the amount. He throws the pen in anger. Payal cries. Sheela tells Rubel that he has done the right thing, as Payal’s greed is bad. Rubel says even she is the culprit and he will not forgive her. He says if you both fight again, I will leave this house. Sheela says its because of you Payal and leaves. Adi comes to meet Ayesha in her room. He asks where are the designs, you said you were working. She says it just ended, and how was your game. He says it was not fun without you. He asks her to make the noodles.

She says eat something else. He says come and make it. Ayesha and Adi cook together. Adi gets a call. Ayesha thinks its strange, as she is trying to go far from him and he is coming closer to her. Pyaar to hai paas mere…………..plays………….Ayesha brings two plates but Adi insists to have it in one plate. Avantika comes and sees them together. Ayesha sees her and is tensed. Avantika leaves. Ayesha tells Adi she is feeling sleepy and goes. Its morning, Payal wakes up and looks for Rubel.

Payal looks at the cheque. Rubel comes to meet Ayesha. Adi comes and asks hows your day. Adi asks whats this. Rubel says it’s the order. Adi likes the design. Rubel says very soon she will be a great designer. Adi says Payal too, she is also talented. Ayesha thinks the bride gets all the good things in life as she knows whats the pain if anyone suffers in marriage.

Ambika gets hit by a car and a girl rushes to help her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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