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Veera 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone going with Nihaal to drop him to the taxi stand. Nihaal hugs Veera and blesses her. Gunjan greets him. Nihaal looks at Ratan. Ranvi and Baldev hug Nihaal. Ranvi asks him not to think about the accident again and try to be happy. He says please don’t go else I will think the accident has taken away his father and his Chachu. Nihaal leaves in the taxi. Everyone come back home being upset. Ranvi removes the pics. Nihaal comes and tells him not to remove the pics and let them be on the walls. Everyone is shocked seeing him at home. He says he has realized that he can’t leave them and go, as he is connected to them by hearts and he can’t break their hearts. He says he can’t hurt them, and from today, he won’t let anyone think about that accident.

Everyone smile. Nihaal says this Pind and you all have my life, how can I leave you all. I m born here and will die here, I want to spend all my life here with my family. Ranvi hugs him and thanks him. Veera too hugs him. Chaiji says take me too and hugs them. Ranvi hugs Gunjan saying he is very happy and Chaiji shows them to everyone. Ranvi moves far. Baldev says its fine to hug, no one is watching you. Everyone cover their eyes and laughs. Veera says everything will be fine and we will make good memories.

Ratan and Nihaal look at each other. Veera asks Baldev to take their family pic. Baldev clicks some pics. Baldev takes only Veera’s pics and then others. Its morning, Veera brings Nihaal to the polyhouse office. Nihaal says everything is perfect and gives some advice. She thanks him. He says don’t thank me, else I will take money. He sees Baldev coming with watermelon. He asks him did he bring this for him, how did he know he wanted to eat it today. Baldev is tensed as he got it for Veera.

Nihaal jokes and says can’t I joke with you. He says I have work, you guys have it. He leaves. Baldev breaks the watermelon and gives it to Veera. They eat it. Veera says its all well between Nihaal and Ranvi, its good to spend time after all this. He says yes, I was thinking to do some fun, shall I take you on date. She reminds him of last time. He says yes, I remember, this time we will set everything. She says fine, but where will you take me. He says you tell me. He shows her the pics and says we will go to city disco.

She beats him. He asks why are you beating me. She says its bad to check other’s pics. He says you are not others, but mine. Ranvi talks to the manager and comes to know his cheque is ready and he should collect it. Ranvi says he will come in a day. The manager says your album is released, congrats, it will be in market in two days. Ranvi is glad and thanks him, Ranvi lifts Gunjan and makes rounds happily. He says my dream is fulfilled, my album is releasing. Chaiji, Veera and Ratan come and asks what happened. Ranvi says my album is released. They get happy.

Ranvi hugs hem happily. Ratan says your talent has to come infront of the world. Veera thinks why did they not call Ranvi for the launch, its strange, maybe they released online and will call him later on. Its night, Jaggi cleans Baldev’s jeep. Baldev asks him to make it shine. Jaggi says lets decorate it with balloons or flowers, Veera will get happy. Baldev says he is taking Veera to disco and wants to go in style. He thinks what to wear and thinks Veera will look great in any dress.

Baldev comes to take Veera. She looks good. They both dress well. He gives her the rose. They compliment each other. Yaara ve………….plays…………….. He says lets go and party now. They reach the disco pub. The city guys see them and laugh. Baldev talks innocent and asks the waiter to play any Punjabi songs. The guys tell him to go to any Dhaba to hear Punjabi song, as its only English songs played here. Baldev gets angry and Veera stops him. Baldev is not able to order in the tablet. Veer asks shall I order. Baldev orders a dish.

Veera says lets go and dance bhaangra. The dish comes. Baldev tastes it and does not like it. Even Veera does not like the dish. Baldev spits it and calls the waiter what is this nonsense. Veera says its bad. The waiter says everyone loves it. Baldev says call your manager. The manager comes and asks whats the problem. Baldev complains about the food. Veera says yes, its strange. The manager says then why did you order, go somewhere and ask for Chole. The guys laugh on them.

Baldev and Veera dance on Ranvi’s song. Veera comes to know its sung by Rahul Sharma. Veera and Baldev are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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