Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Harish and Avantika, who looks sad. He offers tea but Avantika didn’t take it. Avantika asks, Adi will be free naa?Harish says yes and says Avantika’s double role is there in Mumbai and says Pankhudi must have done what we asked her to. Avantika says I hope she doesn’t gets weak. Harish says no, she won’t as she loves Adi very much. Pankhudi looks at Nanu’s and Adi’s photo and says his sorry for her doings. She says whatever she is doing is to save Adi. Rubel asks her to implement her decisions firmly. Kaira looks on. Harish tells Avantika that he got a call from his producer. Avantika says she will go to the temple and do Puja, so may be miracle would have happen. Avantika says she is not against God and believes in Him. Govardhan makes all the arrangements for the auction, which Pankhudi asks him to do. Anuj and Chachaji asks what he is doing early in the morning. Govardhan says he will know soon. He says he is just following the orders. Sheela comes and asks what is happening? She asks Govardhan, when he came to Mumbai and what he is upto. Pankhudi says this preparation is for the auction of the Deewan empire. She says sorry and says she is the owner of the half property so she can do whatever she can do with her share. She says she has decided to auction her part of shares.

Everyone looks shocked. She tells Chachaji to decide about his share. Govardhan says that’s why he called the lawyer. Anuj says are you serious? do you really want to auction our family’s property. Pankhudi says she don’t have any option and asks them to sit for starting the proceedings. Anuj says he can’t believe that she may do this. Sheela says how can you do this. you always loved the memories and so much good memories of Nanu is there in the house, how can you let it go. Chachiji starts acting and says how can you auction your shares. Rubel says no one should bend infront of Pankhudi, if she wants to auction her property then let her do. Chachiji says it is about Nanu’s dreams. Rubel says it is best to auction this house to get freedom from Pankhudi. He says Dadaji didn’t think about everyone before making the will and dividing the property into two parts. Sheela tries to make Pankhudi understand, but pankhudi doesn’t listen. Anuj says people change with time, I heard it right. Pankhudi says people have to change with time and circumstances.

Officer asks Vikram that cuprits go weak by this time but he is still saying the same thing. Vikram asks whether the arrangements are ready for Narcoanalyst test. He says yes. He tells Adi that the results will never be wrong in this test and if the test comes out not in his favour, then he will never allow the culprit go free. Chachiji says chachaji that we have to stop Pankhudi by all means. Govadhan says he is waiting since a long time and says what is your problem when the share is not yours. Chachaji says imagine what my brother would be going through. Pankhudi agrees and says she wants to listen to that person who makes accusations against her. Sheela asks Latika to come infront. Pankhudi asks Latika to say the truth else she will start the proceedings. Chachiji asks Latika to tell. Latika says she won’t apologize.

Sadanand stands lost and sad, Nirmala asks her to get ready as they have to go to his elder brother house. He says Preeti have been going through a lot these days and says he don’t want to go to his brother’s house for the festival. Nirmala says your brother loves you a lot. He asks her to go alone, but she says she will send his clothes and get ready. Latika says I will never apologize to you.

Vikram gives food to Adi and tells him about Prison’s food. Adi says are you trying to threaten me? Vikram says you have to go through several tests today, Narco test, Lie detector etc. he says it is your last chance. He asks him to have the breakfast fast.

Pankhudi says it seems they have to start with the auction. Govardhan mama says they will start it. Chachaji asks Latika to apologize. Latika says it was just an accident. Pankhudi says she has other conditions.

Rubel asks her to come to the point. Pankhudi says she has three provisions/ challenges which they need to fulfill to stop the auction.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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