Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Himmat catching Rajveer and Simran. He says the time has come for you to part with Simran. He asks his goons to take Simran with them. Simran says leave me. Rajveer says this is a goon who came to take revenge. Himmat says I will have bhaang. The people beat Himmat and his goons. Rajveer and Simran run away from there. Rajveer sees that his jeep won’t work here. They run into the jungle. Chanchal asks Hoshiyar what he wanted to tell. He says nothing serious. She says it was, tell me soon. He says I was worried about you, so was making you calm. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine.

He asks her to keep praying for them. Hoshiyar thinks he is sorry as he cannot tell her at this moment. Rajveer and Simran are running away. Simran asks why is everything rotating. Himmat and his goons are after them. Rajveer asks Simran to run with him. Tau ji and everyone are waiting for any news. Chanchal asks where is my Rajveer and Simran. Dadi asks her to calm down. She asks her to have patience. Chanchal blames Hoshiyar for sending Rajveer and Simran.

Tau ji is worried too. Baldev says calm down. Daddu asks Tau ji why is he quiet. Tau ji says even Didi is missing, I m worried about her too. Baldev says Himmat is missing too, I felt she is with Didi. He says how can Himmat go outside the house without asking you. Tau ji says whats going on in this house. Himmat is looking out for Simran and Rajveer. Simran is making sounds. Simran goes somewhere alone. Rajveer gets tensed seeing her missing. Simran goes after Himmat. Rajveer gets hurt and faints. He wakes up and calls Simran.

Simran thinks where did she come and where is Rajveer. She thinks she should not have drunk Bhaang. Rajveer hears Simran’s voice and thanks Lord she is fine. Himmat hears Simran calling Rajveer. He asks his goons to find her. Simran faints in the jungle.

Hoshiyar says he should have not send Rajveer and Simran out as he has sent him into a problem. jaggi comes to him and consoles him. He says whatever you did was for their happiness, then why are you blaming yourself. Hoshiyar says I have asked you to damage the jeep and lied to Tau ji and I have put them in problems. jaggi says the police is looking out for them, they will come home soon, don’t worry. Tau ji hears them and says I came to know about the lie. He tells Hoshiyar that I did not expect this from you. Tau ji says you would have told me that you wanted to send them for holiday. Tau ji scolds Hoshiyar. Baldev says this is not right, its your mistake.

Tau ji tells Daddu that he wanted to give all the responsibility to Rajveer but I m not sure whom to trust now. He says you have given me the responsibilities, I have failed in doing that. He says sorry to him. Daddu says problems are there in every problem. He says Rajveer won’t let anything happen to Simran. jaggi says Simran is not kidnapped. Tau ji and everyone are shocked.

Tau ji is angry on Hoshiyar.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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