Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal throwing a glass of water on Sheela deliberately. Sheela asks her, where is your mind? Payal smiles. Pankhudi covers her act and makes an excuse. Rubel says, we shall prepare for the puja. Kaira says, we will invite Preeti and Avantika bua. Anuj says he didn’t talk as she is busy. Sheela says she is very busy these day. Rubel says, office work makes the person busy and you can’t even imagine that. Kamini tells Govardhan that why Ambika is jealous of Payal’s marriage in Pankhudi’s house. Govardhan says he will go tomorrow and clear the things. Adi asks, why did you lied? Pankhudi says she did this to make her feel that she is a part of their family. She says, she might be uncomfortable or upset with my questions. She suggests honeymoon for

Rubel and Payal. Adi says it is a good idea. Pankhudi says Rubel wants them to come along with them. Adi agrees and pulls her leg saying, are you feeling scared of honeymoon. He says we have married twice but didn’t go on a honeymoon even once. He tells her that he got a call from Dad and he was sounding very concerned towards mom. He hopes everything will be sorted soon between them.

Harish comes and sits at Avantika’s bedside. He looks at her while placing his hand on her hand. He leaves after sometime. Rubel comes to Payal and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Payal reacts. She says sorry for reacting. Rubel says you needs time and says sorry. He says I just came to talk to you. Payal says, she doesn’t want to upset him and asks him to stay in the room. Preeti is sleeping and Sameer is in deep thoughts. Sameer says sorry and says he shall speak with Harish as he can’t see her condition. He comes to Harish’s workplace. Harish asks, is everything well. Sameer says, nothing is well.Avantika tells Anuj that it is nice that you kept a puja on Dad’s birthday. Anuj asks her to come. Avantika says she will definitely come. Anuj asks about Harish?

Anuj asks about Preeti and says she is not attending his calls. Avantika says, I will inform her about the puja. Harish is shocked to know about Preeti. Sameer tells him that Avantika came to know about it and Preeti talked to her very rudely. Harish asks, why did you not inform us? Sameer says because Preeti thinks if Deewan family come to know about her then he will go to test their kidney but she doesn’t want their kidney. She feels, if anyone donates their kidney then they can’t live a normal life. Sameer asks him to find a solution. Harish assures that they will not let anything happen to Preeti.

Pankhudi asks Shanky kaka to place a diya infront of nanu’s photo. Payal thinks she can’t bend infront of anyone specially Rubel. Pankhudi instructs the servants to do the work. Sheela comes and sees Payal reading the magazine. She takes his magazine and asks Payal to work as today is Rubel’s Dadaji birthday. Payal says, all the servants are doing their work properly then what is the need for me to work. Sheela says Pankhudi is doing as well. She says daughter in law have to work for puja. Sheela says, it seems your family didn’t teach you anything. Payal asks her, not to take her family’s name and rather talk to her directly. Pankhudi says, all the work is done and nothing left for Payal. Sheela asks Pankhudi not to take Payal’s side. Payal goes inside. Pankhudi tells Sheela that Payal is childish. Sheela says she is silent for Rubel’s sake or else she would have bring her to the right path.

Govardhan tells Ambika that Payal had an affair with a guy and he was not good. Ambika worries for Rubel and Pankhudi. Govardhan says Pankhudi knows everything. Ambika gets worried and says what if that guy comes back to Payal’s life again…Avantika calls Harish and asks him, whether he is coming to attend the puja at Deewan’s house. Avantika says, I thought you know about it. Harish says he knows about Dad’s birthday but he didn’t know about puja. Avantika asks him to come for Dad. Harish asks her not to pressurise him. Avantika insists. Harish says he will see..He tells her that he will need to talk to her about something.

Preeti looks at Nanu’s photo and tells him Happy birthday. She says she can’t attend his birthday celebration. Sameer tells her that Anuj bhaiyya has been calling him and he is making excuses. Preeti asks him, not to pick his calls. Payal thinks of a plan to get bad in everyone’s eyes. She looks at the newspaper and tells Rubel about the jewellery exhibition. Rubel asks, do you want to go? She says yes. Rubel says he will think something. Payal says, if we go now then we can come before Puja starts. Rubel says it is a good idea. Payal says, but everyone will feel bad if we go. Pankhudi comes, Rubel tells her that he wants to take Payal to the jewellery exhibition and asks her to manage everyone at home. Pankhudi agrees and asks them to come home before the puja. Rubel thanks her. They leaves.


Avantika comes for Nanu’s birthday celebrations. She greets Anuj. Adi asks about Harish. Avantika replies he is shooting. Adi asks, is he coming? Anuj says he is happy to see her. Sheela says, she came to Dad’s birthday puja.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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