Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran hiding the laptop from Didi and Didi asking Simran to go out of Rajveer’s room. Simran says there is still ten mins, let me be with him. Didi insists. Simran requests her to allow her to be with Rajveer. Didi pulls her out of the room. Simran says I can make Rajveer well, leave me. Didi forces Simran out. Dadi and jaggi are watching all this. Rajveer says Simran…… Everyone are shocked. Simran smiles seeing him. jaggi tells everyone that Rajveer started speaking.

Simran says did you see Rajveer spoke, let me be with him. Tau ji and everyone come as says is this true that Rajveer took Simran’s name. Simran says yes, he took mu name. Everyone are happy. Tau ji blesses Simran and says thank

Lord that we got such a good news. Hoshiyar says it happened because of Simran. Everyone smile. Hoshiyar says Rajveer spoke up today because of her. Everyone bless Simran. Didi says stop all this and speaks against Simran.

Tau ji asks what happened that Rajveer spoke up. Didi says its because of the taweez. Simran says how can you say this. Didi says see what is she saying. She does not trust the sages. Didi scolds Simran. Chanchal says Didi is right. Simran says how can it show its power so soon. Chanchal says it does miracles. Didi says now your time is over, now leave from this room. Simran cries and leaves.

Simran talks to the doctor and gives him some updates about Rajveer. The doctor says your hardwork is paying off. Simran says is there any way to make him recollect soon as I m not getting much time with him. The doctor says yes, but its dangerous. Simran says tell me please. The doctor says we know that he is recognizing you, if the situation comes that you are in danger, he will in be pressure and he will get up. Simran says whats dangerous in this. The doctor says the act should be real, the danger is maybe he won’t react and you might be in real danger then.

Simran thanks him. Simran thinks of taking the risk for Rajveer’s sake. Didi is with Rajveer singing a lullaby for him. She says Simran is your enemy who is jealous of your happiness, remember me and forget Simran. Dadi comes to her. Didi asks what are you doing here. She says I am making Rajveer sleep. Dadi says he is already asleep. She says he won’t hear anything against Simran as he is sleeping. Didi says I m filling his mind against Simran, you see when he gets up, he will see Simran with hatred. She says when a person sleeps, his mind starts and can hear us.

Didi says I have important work now and I want your help. Dadi says I m ready to help you, tell me what is it. Didi says the pandit said its bad time for Rajveer and we should his stars happy and asks me to feed some beggars food. Didi says you have to take care. Dadi says I will do it myself, now I will go. She asks Didi to sleep. Didi says Simran might be awake thinking about Rajveer and to be with him. She says I won’t allow her to be here.

Simran talks to jaggi about her plan. jaggi says are you mad, I won’t help you in this. Dadi comes and asks what happened. jaggi says ask her. Dadi asks Simran what is it. Simran says the doctor gave me an idea to put myself in risk and pressurize Rajveer then he might be recollecting everything instantly. jaggi says it needs real risk. Simran says I don’t have any other option. I have to show this to Rajveer. Dadi says no need for all this.

Dadi says Didi is after you, it will be a game for you but for her it will be a golden chance, you don’t know her. Simran says I know her very well. She says when Daddu was taking his last breath, he told me everything about Didi. Simran says trust me, I m doing this after lots of thinking, this is the only way to make Rajveer remember. She says will you support me. Dadi says I don’t want to lose you, today Rajveer took your name, he will remember us tomorrow, be patient. Dadi leaves. jaggi says no and leaves too.

The next morning, Tau ji and Didi tell Simran about the food serving to beggars. Didi says its your responsibility. Simran likes the idea and comes to know that pandit told them to do this. Tau ji believes in the taweez whereas Simran does not. Simran agrees and says we have to agree with the pandit, I don’t want anything else than Rajveer’s well being.

Didi says the pandit says the wife’s deeds will matter to Rajveer and she has to cook the whole food. Simran and everyone are shocked. Tau ji and Chanchal says how will she cook for so many people, why did you not tell us before. Didi says maybe I forgot. Didi says Simran has to cook and talks about Savitri fighting with Yamraj for her husband. Dadi thinks that its Didi’s plan against Simran, and she has to help Simran now. Dadi says its fine, Simran will do the cooking.

Didi smiles and says I don’t want you to do this but start the preparations today, think if you do this, Rajveer will be happy and we will be happy. Simran says yes, I m ready to do the work. Didi says ok, for this work, then you can go to your Rajveer. Simran says I can do anything for Rajveer. Didi looks at Simran and smiles.

Rajveer stops Simran from moving towards Didi seeing a knife..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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