Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel telling Latika not to request Pankhudi. He tells Anuj to decide. Chachiji asks Anuj to decide now as two bahu’s will at the edge of leaving the house. Anuj says he didn’t expect this from her, you kept the family united but today you are trying to break it. Anuj says if you dont like Chachaji’s family like Avantika, then it is better to live seperately. He says it is better for all of us, that you go and reside with Avantika. He says I know you are 50% owner of this property. Pankhudi agrees and says if you think I shall go for everyone betterment, then I will leave this house. Officer informs Harish and Avantika that Adi is better now, he asks them to go. Harish says let them stay here and he will be fine. Avantika asks when they can meet

Adi, he says in the evening. Rubel asks Pankhudi, how can you decide to leave the house. Pankhudi says then what could she do? Mamaji is upset. Rubel says whatever you are doing for Adi and everyone. Rubel says you should have answer back. Pankhudi says she couldn’t do. Rubel says whatever Anuradha done, is not right. Pankhudi thinks she did it because of Chachiji. Anuradha cries and recalls how Chachiji pressurises her to speak against Pankhudi. She tells Revathi that she couldn’t help Pankhudi and can’t say anything to her. She asks her to be careful.

Chachiji tells her husband that Pankhudi came back with some intention and why she agreed to leave this house. Pankhudi asks Rubel to go, else anyone can see him there. Rubel says you aren’t going anywhere. Latika is shocked to see Rubel with pankhudi. Rubel starts acting and says he came to asks her to leave. Latika says she came to say the same. Pankhudi asks Rubel to take his wife with him as she is irritating. Rubel says how dare you say my wife irritating and says my wife will never come to your home. he takes her with him saying you got humiliated much. Nirmala asks Preeti to invite her colleagues and friends for the puja. She then asks about Kailash and says don’t bring your past into your present.

Latika says how can she say me irritating. Sheela gives her luggage and says I am reminding you to go. Latika says Pankhudi is going now, so she is staying back. She asks Rubel whether he will allow pankhudi to stay at their home, after whatever had happened with their baby. She says she planned everything to throw Pankhudi out. Sheela says ok, and tells Rubel that your wife is going very fast. She says I can’t trust you. Rubel says you are right mom. And then changes the topic and says her plan was a success. He asks her whether she is happy. Sheela says it is better for them, if Pankhudi stay at home. Vikram interogates Adi again and says tomorrow you have to go through Narcotic test and says he will see who saves him. Pankhudi tells Kaira that she couldn’t talk with Adi. Mamaji calls her and says he came to Mumbai. She says she will come and meet him. She tells Kaira that she will go and meet mamaji as he could help them. Preeti asks Sameer to bring something and gives the list. Preeti gets a call from kailash again, irking Sameer. Preeti picks the call, Kailash says they have reached Mumbai and asks her whether she can meet him. Preeti says she can’t meet him as they had Ganapati puja and says she will meet him once he reaches the adoption centre. Kailash says ok. Pankhudi thinks her Mamaji can help her. She looks at their Photo and tells that she will free him soon, she won’t allow him to stay alone there. She cries badly and says she can’t live without him, while the PKDH song plays in the BG.

Latika gets a call and the other person says your tickets are booked. Rubel takes the mobile and he was informed that his and Pankhudi’s tickets are booked for Delhi. Rubel asks him to send the tickets. He lies to Latika that he is going to attend his friend’s marriage. Latika asks are you going to meet Adi. Rubel says both of them are heartless people and asks Latika to use her brain. Pankhudi’s Mamaji says Adi will be free soon as he is innocent. Pankhudi says she wants his help and thinks she will not go weak.

Chachaji says how can she do this. Pankhudi says she can do anything with her part of shares and says I have decided to auction my 50 percent property share today itself. Everyone looks shocked.

Update Credit to:H Hasan

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