Punar Vivah 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Punar Vivah 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 12th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Raj looks curtly at vandana, after her taunt. Raj leaves. kamla asks why does he not want to face her, and if he still longs for her. kamla tells him that sarita has moved on, and so should he. And that he should think about someone who forgot him and became someone else’s. Sarita too thinks that this is the truth and she belongs to someone else, and he should also move on in life.

In the kitchen, shiela in her nervousness breaks a glass, and begins to pick the piesces. kajri comes and taunts shiela, as she’s working in the kitchen, that she’s actually blind, or else how could she believe that two people with the same face exist actually, and that too in the same city, and in the life of the same girl. shiela leaves from

there, while kajri smirks.

Abhi asks raj to step aside, as there’s his camera there. He asks raj to take a pic of his parents. Raj is tensed, while abhi insists. While they pose for the pic, raj is tensed, and abhi asks him to hurry up. he finally manages to take a pic, where sarita is very gloomy. As raj puts his camres on the table, he finds the newpaper bearing news of divya being back in bhopal. He gets tensed and leaves.

Later, seeing vikrant work, she thinks that she should thank vikrant for putting up a nice face and not letting her family know that she’s having problems with him. She coughs again and again to get his attention, but he’s too involved in his work. She takes the camera, and starts commenting as to how happy people are looking in the pics. He says that she looked the happiest, as he had promised and fulfilled, unlike others who she still trusts more than him. She tells that she came to thank him, but he’s taunting her only. Vikrant is shocked and asks if he still heard the right. She says that she’s right in thinking that he’s arrogant. They get into a verbal scuffle and go opposite ways.

The next morning, abhi is dressed up by vikrant, to show sarita how is it supposed to be done. he gives her a lecture, while she sees thge belt of his pant done wrong. she tries to point it out, but he quietens her and asks her to observe only. She finally says that his hair is wet and he would catch cold. Abhi too sneezes for the efect. He is tensed. sarita says that she would manage. vikrant gives in. He asks abhi about his pencil box, and having found it, he leaves angrily, while sarita smiles.

After having attended his business call, vandana comes to him and asks if he’s right in placing sarita in charge of abhi so soon. He says that if he has given them faith and trust, despite knowing what her family and son did, then he can definitely trust sarita. she is shocked to hear this. He says that jahanvi wouldnt have borne this act of theirs. He says that he wants to give her a chance, as she has proved what a good mother she is. Vandana says that she’s right but does she know that its abhi’s assessment today. Abhi relieves vikrant from the tension, by saying that he’s fully prepared due to sarita. He looks approvingly, while she goes to get abhi’s tiffin. Vandana is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Raj remembers what happened at sarita’s place. He reaches the sets of the serial, and asks for Divya. He is told that she is shooting. He sees Divya giving a romantic scene with the lead hero. He co0mes to her and calls her name. Divya is shocked to see him. The director gets angry and asks who is he. The security begins to throng raj and throw him out, but divys stops them and asks whats this, as the shoot is going on. She asks him to talk later in the makeup room. He asks her if he loves her, and that he cant wait any longer. She is shocked, as he asks her to respond in a yes or no. She nods her head in a yes. He asks if she would marry nhim, as he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. When she nods again, he puts a ring around her finger. He congratulates her and says that now nothing can stop him from moving on. She is tensed to hear this. She puts up a smile for him, not to tense him. All clap for them. She takes him aside.

In the makeup room, she asks about the absurdity of this. He maintains that this is right and this should have been done ten years back. She asks what about sarita. He tells about her Punar Vivah. She is shocked and says that finally he managed to free her from himself. He says that now he also wants her to show that he can stay happy without her, just like her, and the first step is happiness. She says thats why he engaged with her. He says that he wants to show that he can be more happy than her, and doesnt want to stay without her for a single second. She is confused as he hugs her.

Scene 3:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
They drive out and reach vikrant’s residence. She asks which place is this. He says that he would know soon. divya says that they were supposed to meet his parents. he says that would happen too, but first they have to meet the person, from whom he drew inspiration for getting engaged. Divya asks if this is sarita’s new house. Raj doesnt answer and takes her inside.

While vikrant is continuously lecturing sarita, she thinks when would his lecture be over. But she is surprised when he thanks her for being such a nice mother. She also taunts him the same way just like he had done last night. He is shy but says that she’s right and that he would thank her when she deserves it. He walks ahead but slips and instead falls into a romantic embrace with her. An awkward eyegaze follows. Raj comes in with divya, claps and says that he thought that couples hesitate after a Remarriage, but who would say, after looking at them, that they have only been married for two days. An awkward pause follows. He says that he drew inspiration from them, and got engaged with his divya. Sarita introduces Divya as a famous tv actress. He says that she might be this, but first he’s his life’s first and last true love. Sarita and divya are tensed. Vikrant is happy for raj, that he’s moving over his past. Sarita reminds vikrant that he had to leave for the meeting, but he says that he has to congratulate them first nicely on this new happy news, and comments on the strangeness of this overnight, indiscreet engagement. He says that it isnt overnight, and that this was awaited for ten years. Divya says that its better late than never, and that she’s happy that even after ten years, she got her love, and she thanks sarita for this, as if she hadnt decided to move on, then this wouldnt have happened. He says that they have to take the next step, and thats marriage, and then taunting sarita says that these things and love change overnight now, and that they shouldnt delay, lest ill eye fals on them. They take sarita’s leave. After they leave, vikrant says that he’s mad as he got engaged overnight and didnt call anyone, not even her. He leaves, while sarita thinks that she would have to talk to divya abgout this. The screen freezes on her tensed face.


Precap: Divya asks raj why was she feeling that he was behaving very strangely with sarita. Raj says that its in the past and that they shouldnt discuss such stuff. Divya asks whats the reason then, that before meeting his parents, he decided to show off their engagement to sarita. Raj is speechless and caught red handed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nic epi. Love raj and sarita.

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