Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone taking care of Ambika and saying how did Ayesha jump to save Ambika and her hand burnt. She thinks of everyone’s words and realizes her mistake. Rubel says Ayesha is fine. Its night, Ayesha comes home. Avantika says I know what are you thinking, just come with us. Harish asks Adi to think about Ayesha. Adi gets a call from Bau ji. Bau ji asks how is Ayesha. Adi says its minor burns. Bau ji talks to him to accept Ayesha and make a new place for her. Ambika calls Ayesha to come to her mum. Everyone is glad. Ambika opens her arms. Ayesha goes and hugs her. Ayesha cries happily. The inspector talks to the constable and says Aditya Kumar, we should send this case to Mumbai police.

Ayesha thanks Nani and says she wants to go. Adi says no need to go anywhere Ayesha. He asks where will you go and why. He says he wants her to stay back. Ayesha is stunned. Everyone smile. He says she is thinking will he give her Pankhudi’s place, but the truth is he can’t love her. He says no need of comparison, you were always different. He says about love, he gives all relations to her but can’t give her love. He says he knows everyone is thinking this will be a compromise. He says he does not believe this. He says every relation has many colors, don’t know what to name this relation, but whatever it is, is honest and straight from heart. He gives his hand and says Pankhudi is my life partner, will you support me all my life.

Ayesha cries and holds his hand making everyone happy. Tune mera saath diya………………plays……………. Everyone clap and say congrats to them. Ambika cries happily. Pyaar ka dard hai…………………plays……………… Avantika thinks she misses Pankhudi, I wish you did not leave us. Bau ji tells Mama that he is happy for Ayesha. Everyone decide to make a grand entry for Ayesha. Harish says we will invite Bau ji and his family too. Avantika says she wants to invite Nilofer too. Its morning, Ayesha wakes up and smiles. She says Pankhudi always supported me and I won’t let you be away from Adi.

The inspector says we are going Mumbai and I will inform Diwaan mansion later, else it can be a problem. Avantika sees everyone working hard since night. Nani asks whats the plan. Rubel says its surprise. Sheela says everyone will be shocked. Harish says fine, tell me. Anuj says no way. Ayesha comes and says good morning. Avantika says she will meet Poonam. Poonam says she is leaving in sometime now. Avantika apologizes to her. Poonam says its ok, if I met Adi and rejected him, would it be wrong. Nani asks her to stay tonight. Poonam says she promised her brother, so she has to go, but she will invite them in her marriage. Everyone smile. Ayesha says yes, you will get a good life partner. Poonam says fine, its your and Adi’s responsibility to find a groom for me, wish you a happy married life. Ayesha says thanks.

The inspector says the case if high profile and we need to be careful. Nafisa makes Ayesha ready and praises her. Avantika says no, its still not done. She brings a necklace and makes Ayesha wear it. Ayesha looks gorgeous. Avantika cries seeing Pankhudi in her. Adi talks to Pankhudi and asks is she happy now, you also wanted this, you won this time. Harish sees Adi talking to Pankhudi’s pic and knocks the door. The inspector says we will go to Diwaan mansion in one hour if our senior approves. Avantika says Pankhudi will always be with us.

She says I m happy that you did not take her place. Harish says that’s the good part, so now we will be careful that Ayesha should feel she has to become Pankhudi, she has lots of dreams. Rubel comes and asks them to get ready soon, as Ayesha is coming. Harish asks the surprise. Rubel says the celebration will be grand.Pankhudi’s pic is shown.

The Diwaan family performs in the party. Ayesha ad Adi smile. The inspector comes and says Pankhudi is alive. Everyone is happily shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I think pankhuri and Ayesha are twins and got separated when thy were born for some reason

  2. I really wanna see tomorrow’s episode

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