Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir asking how did RK get to know the codes. Sandhya and Zakir see the CCTV footage and come to know the video was made to run in loop, some computer expert hacked your mobile. They see how RK came to know the code and see the footage. They see how RK got the code by using his cleverness. Zakir says no one can go by gate no.3 How did he leave. Sandhya says lets see the in and out register. They see the register and see the coffin name. She is shocked. Zakir says RK went out when the coffin came. The jailer says how can you be sure. Sandhya explains that RK called those people here and they brought the coffin to get him. Sandhya says we should not waste time and leave now. They play the siren in the jail and all prisoners are taken inside. Bhabho asks Sooraj to taste the pickle. Sooraj praises her.

Babasa comes and asks her to send some to Kanha too. Sooraj asks him how did he get hurt. Babasa says nothing, little. Sooraj says its deep wound. Bhabho says tell me you saw Kanha by hanging to Taisa’s roof. Everyone will sad. Sooraj says come, I will do first aid. Babasa praise Sooraj for bring so protective. Chaturi is in the storeroom and sees someone. She shouts being afraid its RK. She cries and leaves out. Bhabho calls out Chaturi. Chaturi comes and shows the storeroom being speechless in shocked state. Sooraj asks what happened. Everyone ask what is the matter. Chaturi says there and stops Sooraj saying there is someone. Sooraj says come, lets see Babasa.They go in the storeroom.

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Chaturi is tensed. Sooraj goes to see. He sees someone and is shocked. He goes ahead to beat him. Its Laxman and he says sorry, wait. Bhabho scolds Chaturi did she not know Laxman. Chaturi asks why was he sleeping here with eyes open. He says its his habit. Everyone smile. Meenakshi comes somewhere and asks for an address she got in Prema’s purse. She gets angry on the taxi driver and argues for money. She asks him to stay and she will come back. Sandhya and Zakir are on the way.

Sandhya asks her staff to check all vehicles. Meenakshi reaches the home and a man comes. She greets him and asks do you know Prema. He says she is my wife. She says she is ASP Sandhya Rathi’s relative and I know all laws. She says call Prema, where will you call, she is in Pushkar, listen to me, take her back else I will get you under jail. She says come today to take her. He says I will come today. She says this ius last chance. Sandhya and Zakir come to a graveyard and scolds the men for not taking her call.

They see the graves and digs the Gomes grave. They see him dead resting in the grave. Sandhya says tell me did you leave this coffin alone. The staff says no. Sandhya gets a call and turns to talk. The jailer asks did they get RK. She says no, he is not in coffin and she will find out. Sandhya thinks about RK’s words and gets some hint. She looks at the grave. Zakir asks the men to put the grave back. They leave from there.

They start putting the soil back. Zakir says he can’t run from main gate, how did he run then. He says I checked the jail, there is no other way, don’t know how he has run away. Disha gives a pencil box to Chotu and shows his magic. Chotu likes the box. Sooraj smiles seeing them. Chotu says greatm, two boxes in one, you can fool anyone like this. Disha says yes, you fool your friends, I will fool my friends. Sooraj talks to someone. Disha looks at him and reminds him that they have to go now. Sooraj says fine, lets go. She smiles.

Another procession comes and Sandhya sees the coffin. She notices it. Zakir asks the staff to seal all routes. Sandhya asks about the coffin holes. Zakir asks why. She says Gomes coffin had holes and thinks. Zakir asks what happened. She says oh no and runs. She asks the men not to put the soil and stops them. She says get Gomes body out again. They start digging again. They open the coffin and bring Gomes out. Sandhya opens the coffin slab and they see RK. Everyone is shocked. RK opens his eyes and looks at Sandhya. They aim guns at him and arrest him.

Sandhya tells Zakir that RK is not alone in this plan, someone is helping them. He says I think there is someone and goes to see. RK looks on being in the jeep.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Sandya is very shrewd and stopped the escape of RK. Sandya before becoming a police officer executed super operations like the arrest of RK and revealing the cheating of the bogus swamiji. But now after becoming an eligible officer she is rather dull and slow it seems.

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