Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harish and Nani worried about the police. Rubel asks the police to do something, as he won’t spare the man who tried to kill Adi. He tells Harish that the truck driver did not confess anything. Harish says maybe it was just an accident, why will anyone kill Adi. Rubel says no, I will find the truth. He leaves. Ayesha comes in the hospital and says I will tie this taweez on Adi’s hand, he will be fine. Nani sees her. Ayesha comes to Adi. She cries seeing him. Sheela is there and asks her to leave. Sheela acts rude to her. Ayesha asks Sheela to leave.

Sheela sees the taweez and reacts. Sheela says give it to me, I will tie it. Ayesha says no, I will and ties the taweez on his hand. Sheela leaves. Ayesha scolds Adi for risking his life. She cries and says don’t be do filmi. She says I understood you love Pankhudi a lot, I can’t love anyone like this, but why m I senti now. Its morning, Nani comes to see Adi and sees Ayesha sleeping. She wakes her up. She says don’t worry, he will be fine, you go home and rest.

Ayesha says no, I won’t go, I m responsible for all this. Nani says forget everything, come and have food, then you can sit by his side. She takes Ayesha. They are shocked to see the police. The inspector says the truck was not working and it was an accident. He says but we found it it was not damaged, so we will investigate more. Rubel says yes, we have to catch that person. Ayesha says this accident happened because of me. Everyone is shocked.

She says the car I was driving had some problem in the tyre, Adi saw me and came behind me to warn me, and he met with the accident. Rubel asks why did you not tell this before. Nani asks Rubel to cool down. The inspector says fine, we have to take your statement, come with us. Harish says Ayesha is not in a good state of mind. Nani says I will bring her there. Rubel says you don’t worry about Adi, we are here for him.

The inspector says we want Adi’s statement. Ayesha says why, he is not well, don’t put pressure on him. Arif thinks Ayesha is avoiding him and he has to meet her. He reads about Adi’s accident and thinks this might be the reason, I have to go to hospital and meet her. He cancels his important appointments to meet Ayesha. Payal sees Rubel upset and comes to him. Nafisa looks at them.

Before they can talk, Payal gets a call and she leaves. Nafisa thinks she has to be around Rubel. She sees Rubel alone and thinks this is the right chance. She comes to Rubel and pacifies him. Rubel says I want Adi to get fine soon. She asks do you have headache, I will bring medicine. He says no, I m fine. She says no, I will bring it. Ayesha and Nani come home. Nani asks her not to worry. Ayesha says we should go to hospital. Bau ji and Mama comes to meet them and asks about Adi.

Nani says Adi is fine. Bau ji says we came here knowing about Adi’s accident. Mama asks did your mum came, as we have to talk to her, about you, and the two years stay at her home. Nani asks Ayesha to go and rest. Ayesha says we should go to hospital now. Nani says everyone is there. Bau ji says shall we also come. Nani says yes, come. Payal comes back and Nafisa stops her. She says did Rubel tell you. Payal asks what. Nafisa says maybe he forgot, he has a headache, I brought this medicines for him. She says I know you don’t like me, but you give some time to Rubel, he is your husband.

Payal gets angry on her and scolds her. Payal comes to Rubel and asks how is your headache. He asks how do you know. She says I know. Nafisa gives him the medicines. Rubel scolds Payal for always being on phone. Payal asks Nafisa to leave them alone. Rubel asks Payal to leave. Nafisa gets glad. He says don’t know when will Payal understand me. Nafisa acts friendly and sweet.

Mama asks Ayesha don’t you remember anything about your childhood. Ayesha says yes, I agree to what my mum says. Nani asks Mama not to pressurize her and asks Ayesha to sleep. Arif comes to the hospital and asks about Adi. Ruksaar meets Arif and says I m Ayesha’s younger sister. He says I read about Adi’s accident in paper, Ayesha is not here, its good. Arif says I know she is upset with me, I did wrong by not giving her the credit, I want to speak her once, can you help me. Ruksaar says she is adamant, give me your number, I will talk to her.

Arif asks her to convince her. She says I always teased her by your name and she used to smile. Arif thanks her and leaves. Rubel says why did Adi not come in senses. Rustam says its 12 hours to be over, I m worried he can go in coma. He asks Rubel to go out, we have to conduct some tests. Rubel cries and tells everyone. Ayesha comes there with Nani. She asks about Adi and gets worried. Harish says tests are going on you come with me. Mama looks on. Harish asks Ayesha to let the doctors do their work. She says no, I will meet him. Harish asks what can you do. She says I m responsible for this. He says I have ruined his life. The doctor comes and says Adi………… Ayesha runs to him.

Nilofer stops Ayesha and says now its time we leave from here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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