Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The eisode starts with dividing his property among his four children and asking them to relieve him. Khush says he can work hard but he does not want property division. Pihu also backs Khush. Sid says kids are right, they cannot handle the responsibility. Ram says he cannot work more and asks Sid to convince kids to take up responsibilities. Kids finally agree and say Khush will be their leader.

Natasha and Priya enjoy tea. Priya says now she wants to relax and enjoy life. She asks Natasha not be tensed and says she was the most strongest among them. Natasha says she will and says she is afraid that happiness will go away soon. Priya says now with Ram being there for us, they should feel protected and there is not reason to worry, he alone will handle all of us.

Mamaji meets Khush and congratulates him saying Ram gave him power of attorney. He gives him juice and says he wants to feed him like a mother feeds his child. He says Ram gave him a big responsibility. Khush says he will fullfill his responsibilities as Ram and Priya believe him a lot now. Mamaji asks him to continue his work and asks him to finish his juice.

Vikram’s daughter asks him what happened when he met Ram. Vikram says he met him and says Sammy’s child is in Suhani’s womb, etc. etc. Daughter says he is not understanding. Vikram says he will get Sammy’s child home as he is our blood and he cannot get back Sammy. He says when Neha will see Sammy’s child, she will imagine Sammy in him and will stay with us, even he will help her upbring that child.

Khush calls inspector and requests him to let him meet Suhani. Inspector says he cannot. Pihu comes there and sees Khush sad and asks why is he doing that. He says he is angry that Suhani’s child is not his and wants an answer from her. Pihu says he should accept that Suhani betrayed him and when he accepts that, he will be in peace. Khush says until he meets Suhani, he will not be in peace. Pihu says okay and goes from there.

Priya informs Ram about Mamaji speaking to something and says she is worried that he is up to something. Ram says he will handle mamaji. Priya says hope is just juggling with money and nothing else. Pihu comes there and sees them talking and says she will come back later.

Mamaji again comes to Khush how is life going. Khush says everything is right and why is he asking wierd questions. Mamaji says he wants him to meet someone and takes him from there.

Pihu informs Priya that Khush eagerly wants to meet Suhani and is very upset. She feels he should meet Suhani and not be upset. Priya says she is feeling good that her children are concerned about each other and she is proud of her. She says Khush is going trough bad phase and even if he meets Suhani, he will not be in peace, only time will heal his pain. Pihu asks if she can arrange Khush meet Suhani. Priya says it is very difficult as she even could not meet Ram easily. She says she will speak to Ram who will convince Khush.

Mamaji takes Khush to meeting 2 businessmen and says he can double his money with these businessmen. He says Ram gave him power of attorney and it is his duty to double his money. Khush says Ram earned money with hard work and he cannot use wrong ways to earn money. He says businessmen he cannot do business with them. Businessmen get angry on mamaji and leave from there. Khush asks mamaji not to think of his weird ideas again. Mamaji thinks how can Khush get a clean blood of Ram and Priya when he is Sid’s son.

Ram sees Priya and hides his diary. She asks what is he hiding. Ram says it is his personal diary and she cannot see it. Priya says if now their personal things have changed. Ram says certain things cannot be shared. Priya says she knows what he is thinking. Ram asks to say then. Priya says it must be about her and she cannot say anything more. She then says he must have written about business. He asks what she wants to talk to him. She says she wanted to talk about Khush as Khush wants to meet Suhani and ask questions from her. Ram says let him meet then. Priya says it is not easy as even she used to find it difficult to meet him and asks him to talk to higher authorities. Ram says he will speak then.

Precap: Doctor informs Priya and family that she cannot save Suhani’s kids. Khush gets emotional and says doctor killed his child. He forcefully enters into Suhani’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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