Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Payal asking Sheela to make a decision for Rubel’s sake. Rubel is happy with the party. Avantika comes home. She gets the message that its time to come face to face. Harish sees her and says he was calling her. She asks where is Adi and Pankhudi. Pankhudi says we could have done party after Rubel for fine. Adi says Rubel organized this party. Sheela and Payal come home and are shocked seeing the party. They get angry. Harish and Avantika say Rubel kept it. Rubel greets them. Sheela feels bad seeing her. Rubel says he has an imp announcement to make.

He says we are celebrating the return of our most loved Pankhudi. He praises Pankhudi and everyone claps. Rubel slips and falls. Payal and Sheela are shocked. Rubel says u m fine. They make him stand. Payal and Sheela hear people gossiping. Harish says we should end celebration here and thanks the guests for coming. Adi and Pankhudi care for Rubel. Adi asks Payal to take Rubel to the room. Payal says why? She says will you not like it when he sits here. Avantika says is that an issue Payal. Adi asks whats the matter, you look upset.

He says Rubel will be fine, we are with him, Payal says this is the problem. She cries and says I m fed up by this interference, I agree Rubel is son of this house, why are you guys making him property. Anuj asks whats wrong with you. Payal says everyone is using Rubel. Rubel gets up and asks what happened to her, have you lost it. Pankhudi says let her speak and asks Payal whats the problem, we will try to solve it. Payal says fine, don’t show sympathy to Rubel. Don’t support him, don’t limit him at home, what are you all trying to show him, that he is helpless. She says this will end his self confidence, why is he shown a different place.

Adi says why will we do this. Payal says fine, I agreed your concern is genuine, but did anyone ask me what I want. She says I m his wife and no one understands whats good for him more than me. Payal asks Pankhudi not to claim right which looks as burden. Pankhudi says I think Payal is right. Rubel says I accepted my weakness and I don’t have any problem. Pankhudi says then Payal should understand, and says sorry to Payal. She says our concern is not wrong. Sheela says then why did you keep party today, and why did you hide this from me and Payal. Rubel says they kept it on my insistence. Can’t I celebrate when she comes after two years, don’t I have right.

Sheela says we did not celebrate anything for two years. And today, you came yesterday in this state and no one cares. Anuj says we kept party to give a change to Rubel. Sheela says she is a mum and worries for her son. She says she does not want Rubel to bear what Anuj has bear. She asks Avantika why did they powers from Rubel. Anuj says you both have gone mad. He says Rubel’s strength is his family, please don’t fill poison. Harish says why are we talking like this, we are mature guys. Adi says we are concerned for Rubel and asks Payal and Sheela what they have to do to make their fears away. Rubel says no need.

Avantika says she knows family’s importance and if they have to agree to Payal’s demand, then its fine. Harish says they are right, and asks Payal how can they help her. Payal says she wants decision making power of this house. They are shocked. A car comes and stops. She says everything should be done after my permission. She says everyone will ask me before taking any decision of home. A man walks towards the house.

A man comes and hugs Pankhudi. She smiles. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think daddaji is bak avantikas dad can’t wait for tommorows ep

    1. But he’s dead??

  2. Don yo guys worry fa ayesha yaar….????

    1. She’s gone though

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