Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
Suket receives the guests, and starts glating about her daughter’s qualities, when arpita serves them snacks, and gets avni down and they find that she is as beautiful as they were told. When they ask about Bhawna, avni curtly replies that she has been advised bed rest since her marriage broke up. They are all tensed, as she indifferenyl and heartlessly, tells them the entire truth abou her love life, and her being jilted at the altar by raj, but whose name she doesnt take. They are all shocked, as she rants on how she loved him blindly, and now hates him more. The groom’s mother applauds her for telling the truth with much guts. The groom’s mother says that she also wants to tell the truth, and that theiy arent such lowlives, that they would have to settle for a girl, who was jilted at the altar, by the boy that loved her and was her boyfriend, and maybe she only was at fault, and starts questioning her character. suket refues to listen to anything else, and asks them to leave. they too leave in a huff and all get tensed, while avni moves up stairs.

Bhawna tries to get up, when avni comes and puts her down on the bed, asking her what she needs. She vents out her frustration at raj and his callous behaviour and points out the dounle standards that society has for men and women, and that she is being tortured, while raj is gallivanting around, and that atleast one good thing he did was to make her hate love for life. Bhawna is tensed.

In the dining table, the brothers think that avni was wrong while suket asks them to calm down, and arpita says that they should give avni more time to recuperate. Akshat starts getting frustrated but suket calms him down. Avni gets her mother down for food. Arpita goes to serve but avni asks her to manage her jewellery exhibition, while she serves herself. Avni says to bhawna that noone is happy in the house, as they feel they failed her, but actually it isnt as she wants to stay here and she wants all of them to be happy again, and not think about her marriage for once. she says that her biggest mistake was that she made love her life, and now two things are her priority, mother’s care and father’s business, and till it doesnt get satisfactory she wont think of marriage and asks them to support on her descision and move on themselves if they want her to move. Avni asks suket to come and discuss business after dinner. suket tries to speak but then agrees.

Later, in the room, avni tries to look for her important business file, and starts rummaging through others to look for it. The files fall down and one paper slips out that catches her attention, which is actually a paper of her and Raj. She gets furious and lashes at the servant asking where did this pic come, after her clear instructions to wipe everything off. the servant apologises, but avni says that she would herself set afore to it. He trembles, while avni takes it herself, and begins to light the matchstick, while the pic blows away falling on the flloor, and she gets tensed. The pic falls on the backseat of a car. she wonders where the pic went, and goes down.

Abhas overhears music and finds arpita dancing happily, and getting abhas also to join, for the happiness of her solo exhibition tomorrow, and make a promo for Dil Se nache India Waale.

the next day, while arpita gloats about her exhibition, to her mother on phone and praising avni for all the planning, akshat silently gets dressed. He leaves and she wonders that he didnt even wish her. she gets a mail, from someone with the username, Smile Buddy, who wishes her, and she gets excited chatting with him, and she thanks him for supporting and wishing her, and that when she is losing every hope from within her family, she feels happy to share it with him, and thanks him for always being with her, and leaves, when avni hollers for her.

Scene 2:
Location: Exhibition
Suket inaugurates arpita’s exhibition and the entire family walks in along with guests, applauding the exhibition. suket thanks avni for having planned this entire event superbly, and felling proud that she is his daughter. Avni overhears a manager scolding a servant, and she asks if everything is alright. Just then, Avni gets tensed as she finds Madhuri and her husband confronting her, they seem tensed too. the manager explains that he had been told that they shouldnt have been invited. avni reprimands the servant that next time, he should follow her orders strictly.

As avni begins to go, madhuri thanks her for not cancelling the order. Avni says that its okay. Madhuri stops her again saying that she wanted to talk to her, and glad that she got this chance today. Madhuri apologises profusely for what avni had to go through and what her family did. she says that she is happy for her and how she is going ahead in her life. Avni refers to her as Madhrui, asking what she did, and why she is apologising and behaving as if she doesnt even know her. She is tensed.Avni tells her to be professional and not get personal as they arent related, and not bother about her as she has taken love out of her life forevere and lives in the present. Avni leaves, while madhuri wonders what has raj done to innocent avni.

Suket likes a client’s work, in curtains, and shows it to avni, qwho lieks it and goes to talk to the lady to place the order. Avni overhears the same client, talking on the phone, about making big profits, at the cost of daily labourers, who shall be paid peanuts in comparison to what profits she is reaping. Avni asks her that she cant exploit the helpless labourers like this. But the client reprimands her to keep her nose out her business, as she is the queen of this market and that avni cant do anything about her working strategy, hence shouldnt bother her too, and refuses to listen to her lecture. she turns away, asking her to place the order if she has to, while avni is tensed. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Avni shocks everyone by her changed attire, and her descision to go to Umatgaon. As she takes the route, two hholigans offre to take her to Umatgaon when she confesses that she has forgotten the way to umatgaon. they decide to help her, while having evil intenions. As she passes by a milestone indicating that umatgaon is in the other direction, 6kms from there, the goons ask her to leave this village and go far away, fi sher wants her safety. later, she is shown to be running away from the village, through the forests, barefoot, with villagers after her, with sticks and lathis.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Y did raj broken up with ani???
    Not good raj :@

  2. I am thinking raj is this chat friend of arpita

    1. Thought of that as soon as I saw Arpita being this comfy with her online Buddy #RAJ !

  3. ok im really confused

  4. really cool love story

  5. Confusing but loving it

  6. Where is this soaping heading too..seems like avni & raj love story has died dis show is realy getting boring. ..y do script writers as well as director always has to kill a good story…

  7. writers I just love the new arvani; that girl is on fire let her destroy raj and his whole family businesswise or other. start a new storyline with her its not about love now but about revenge against them. please do not let anything happen to her in umagon but please let the truth be heard what really happened with her mother and rajs sicko family. make raj and his family be ever sorry for what they did to avani and her family. come on avani bring on the fire.

    1. Raj will save her in umagaon he’s there trying to prove bhavna innocence

      1. yea Raj will prove sangeeta innocent

  8. This is really nice episode according to the whole series

  9. shanaya singhania

    I also think tat raj wll cme to save avni in umatgaon.

  10. I hope so ………..n.nnbut dont get ur hopes up…I hope this show as not become stupid like qubool hai caz raj and avni Avraj was the cutest jodi

  11. I wonder why did Raj brokeup with Avni

  12. M eager 2 kno wat really happend

  13. good news destiny brought them to each other in upcoming episodes in the village

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