Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 9

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Episode begins.


Suhani enters Krishna’s hospital room. Krishna is laying down, eyes closed. Suhani cries, but smiles seeing her. She thinks.

Suhani: Im so glad you are safe. Otherwise I dont know what would have happened to Sayaam ……

She caresses Krishna’s face. Sayaam enters the room.

Sayaam: Maa ……

Suhani hugs Sayaam crying.

Suhani: My son!

They hug for a while, both crying. Sayaam breaks the hug.

Sayaam: Maa, thank you.

Suhani: What for?

Sayaam: If you had not been there today, Krishna’s condition would be so much worse.

Suhani holds his face.

Suhani: It wasnt me. Krishna is strong. She fought for her life. And now she has it.

Sayaam smiles.

Sayaam: Maa you go home and rest. Be with Yuvani. Im here.

Suhani nods.

Suhani: I will send Bhavna di and Yuvaan in a while.

Suhani leaves. Sayaam sits on the chair next to Krishna’s bed. He talks to her.

Sayaam: Krishna? Krishna, wake up. We can go home as soon as you open my eyes. I promise. I will take care of you now.

He cries into her shoulder.

Sayaam: Forgive me Krishna! I made mistakes.

He cries. Suddenly Krishna grips his hand which was resting by her side. He looks at her, shocked, but happy.

Sayaam: Krishna! Krishna!!

He kisses her forehead and runs out to get the doctor. Krishna opens her eyes ……

A while later, Bhavna knocks on the door. Her and Yuvaan enter carrying flowers and chocolates. Krishna smiles upon their entry.

Krishna: Maasi? Yuvaan bhai? Wow!

They hug her.

Bhavna: How are you feeling?

Krishna: Im fine. Im really good!

Bhavna smiles. She sets the flowers down and fixes them. Krishna looks around. Yuvaan sees her.

Yuvaan: Oh? Krishna. Dont worry. Your lover boy is here. He went to get you food.

Krishna smiles faintly. She thinks.

Krishna: You wont understand Bhai. Sayaam doesnt care for me. He hates me.

She recalls him previously saying that he hates her. She gets sad. Baby enters the room and Krishna returns to reality. Baby starts to act.

Baby: Krishna!

She runs to Krishna and hugs her. She fake cries.

Baby: Krishna! If you can, forgive me. This is all my fault! I shouldnt have sent you to the market, then nothing ……

Krishna stops her.

Krishna: Thats enough baby. Its not your fault. Who was to know this would happen? Its over now. Thats what matters.

She smiles.

Bhavna: Group hug?!

They all hug and squeeze Krishna. Sayaam stands at the door and watches this gesture. He smiles, happily.

Yuvaan: Look. Here comes Mr lover boy.

Yuvaan goes to him and places his hand on his shoulder teasingly.

Yuvaan: Okay. Dont worry Sayaam. We will leave you alone. Dont romance too much. Save it for when Krishna is at home!

They laugh. Sayaam looks at Krishna who avoids his gaze, upset. Bhavna, Yuvaan and Baby leave. Sayaam closes the door and walks over to Krishna. He places a tray of food on the bedside.

Sayaam: I bought you food.

Krishna doesnt reply and looks away.

Sayaam: Come on Krishna! Talk to me.

Krishna: I have nothing to say to you.

Sayaam holds her hand. Krishna feels a current run through her body. She is shocked at Sayaam’s move.

Sayaam: Krishna. Im sorry. Im really sorry. For all the times I hurt you. Everything I’ve ever done to you. Please. Forgive me?

Krishna doesnt move. She slips her hand away. Sayaam looks down and is slightly angry.

Sayaam: Krishna. I was scared. I was really really scared. I didnt want to lose you.

Krishna looks at him.

Sayaam: Krishna you are really important in my life. And i dont want to lose you to anything.

Sayaam still looks down. Krishna holds his right cheek. He looks up, surprised.

Krishna: I forgive you …….

Sayaam smiles happily.

Sayaam: Really?

Krishna smiles too.

Krishna: Really.

Sayaam hugs her. Krishna is shocked. Sayaam pulls away from her, surprised by his own action.

Sayaam: I will take care of you Krishna. Through these 6 months.

Krishna feels upset hearing him talk about the 6 month contract but she hides it through a smile.

Sayaam: Okay. Enough now. You should eat.

He hands a bowl to Krishna. Due to being weak, she struggles to take it. Sayaam picks up the spoon and helps her. He feeds her lovingly. A beautiful song plays as he feeds her and wipes food away from her face. They smile together.

Episode ends.


A young, handsome and muscular man stands at the door. He winks at Krishna ……

Q. Who is the man? ?

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  2. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow jealousy track….can’t wait and coming back to the episodes..they were great like everyday..i just loved the kriyam scenes. Ur ff reminds me of of my fav serials…and thats what makes ur ff more interesting…thank u for putting such a beautiful track….keep going.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! It was one of my favs too so i took inspiration from it x thanks for reading ❤❤

  3. It was such a sweet episode. Loving the story so far and interesting precap. Could the man be Krishnas ex or best friend? Someone to make Sayyam jealous haha.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Keep reading to find out xx

  4. nice episode…the man may be krishna’s best friend who make saiyyam very jealous

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks. Keep reading to find out x ?

  5. Shaani

    Ohhoo… Here comes a jealousy track I guess… Excited about the new entry..upload next episode soon..

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      Thanks for reading x will update soon ?

  6. Yes, it reminds me IPKKND 2. That was one of my fav serial. ❤

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      Mine too! Thanks for reading x ❤

  7. Fidato

    Nice one….Jealousy track.. Wait for next part

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      Thanks x will update soon ?

  8. Oh god!!!!!! Nw entry. I tnk a jealousy track is going 2 begin. I’m excited. I always love jealousy tracks.he hee.enough of my blabbering. 2dy epi was gd.loved how sayyam cared 4 krishna. I tnk d nw boy is Krishna’ s old frnd.nt sure. Plz post d nxt epi soon dr.bye tc

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Your comment is so sweet. Keep reading to find out what happens. Will update soon x ??

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