Shivika ss- SE MIO part 12

Shivay felt guilt for doubting arnav. He was sure Anika will remain loyal to him. But when some man other than him come near to her he feel his head stop working. He forget everything because of his anger and his brain stop working. He knew he should convince Anika. He already hid the fact that arnav was his friend. Now he have to explain her everything but she will be in her own tadi mood.

It’s not hard to convince her because she never want to hurt me. She always forgive his mistake. Now it’s time for him to repent his mistakes.

At hotel

Shivay: Anika open the door

Anika: I won’t

Shivay: let’s forget everything

Anika: how can you do this to me shivay? U never told me about your friendship.

Shivay: I am sorry Anika. I want to say but due to some reasons I was not able to say to u.

Anika: so u didn’t trust me

Shivay: it’s not like that Anika. U only said right our relationship is based on trust.

Annika: I very well remember it shivay and that’s why I am asking u this question.

Shivay: first u open the door then let me explain u.

Anika: pinky promise

Shivay: pinky promise

Anika opened the door. Shivay entered the room and locked it. He hugged her tightly but she didn’t reciprocate it.

Shivay: I know u r angry with me but please don’t kill me with your silence.
He explained everything to her.

Anika: so u r afraid that he will propose me. She laughed.

Shivay: don’t laugh Anika

Anika: but shivay why u r worried so much? U never get jealous na

Shivay: u r mad Anika. U always ask too much questions.
Saying so he kissed her to shut her mouth. She didn’t expect this from him but he always surprised her. She reciprocated it with equal passion. After sometime they parted away for oxygen.

Anika: shivay promise me u will never hide anything from me.

Shivay: pinky promise

They laughed together

Mahi entered as per the story line they showed in the show and got exposed. Now every thing is normal.

After 2 weeks

At shivika room

Shivay stormed into his room. His face indicated clear frustration and anger. He seems to be disappointed a lot. Anika looked at her husband. He was very angry. He was in his full SSO mood. She was a bit afraid. She slowly went towards him and touched his shoulder but he jerked it away. She slowly whispered

Anika: is everything okay shivay? U seem to be a bit upset.

Shivay: just leave me alone anika. I’ll talk to you later.

Anika: shivay unless you share your problems u will not be relieved. Just tell me shivay.

Shivay: when u r the problem how can I tell it u?

Anika: what do u mean shivay? What I did now?

Shivay: u r right Annika u didn’t do anything. It was all my mistake.

Annika: tell me clearly shivay.

Shivay: the great shivay Singh oberoi married a girl who don’t have a surname. She don’t know about her parents. The one who always believed in blood lineage married a girl who don’t possess any title. This was the insult I received in that party.

Anika: u only accepted me as your wife. I never asked you to do.

Shivay: that was the biggest mistake I ever did in my life. I regret it.

That words was enough for Anika to break her heart. Tears rolled down from her eyes. She immediately left from there.

Hearing no voice from Anika, he turned back. She was not there. He regretted every word he said to her. He never meant it but his anger spoilt everything now he have to fix everything. He cursed himself for breaking the promise he gave to om.
He broke her heart again.

He searched for her. He called her many times but she didn’t attend. He asked every member of his family but no one knew about her. He asked Khanna to track her but couldn’t find her. He lost all his hope.

That’s when a ray of light entered his life. He saw Anika before her eyes red and swollen.

Shivay: where did u go Anika? I was searching for you every where. I am sorry. I never meant any of those words.
He hugged her tightly and cried out his heart. She didn’t reciprocate it. Her eyes was devoid of any emotions.

Anika: can u do something for me.

Shivay: anything Anika. Don’t ask me just order me.

Anika: Mr.oberoi I want divorce.

Shivay couldn’t believe his ears.

Shivay’s pov
How can she ask divorce from me? Doesn’t she know without Anika there is no shivay? How can she think about leaving me. I hurted her a lot she can punish me  but she can’t leave me. I will never let her to do this.


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