Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 6

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Hi everyone x

Episode begins.


The reception party ends and all the guests leave. Soumya hugs Krishna. She goes to Sayaam.

Soumya: Sayaam, beta. I am so grateful to you for everything you have done for Krishna.

Sayaam looks at Krishna, who looks away.

Soumya: She could not have been paired with a better husband.

Sayaam smiles.

Sayaam: Its my duty.

Sayaam takes her blessings and Soumya hugs him. She leaves.

Later, Sayaam goes to Yuvani’s room.

Sayaam: Yuvani?

He goes and sits next to Yuvani.

Sayaam: Yuvani, are you ok?

Yuvani rests her head on Sayaam’s shoulder.

Yuvani: Im sorry Sayaam.

Sayaam looks confused.

Sayaam: Why are you saying sorry?

Yuvani: I should have tried to understand your decision. I was shocked. That you married her. I didnt know you loved someone from that family. In the same way that I loved Karan. Unconditionally ……

She cries.

Yuvani: I just want my brother back …..

Sayaam wipes her tears.

Sayaam: Yuvani, i havent gone anywhere. Im right here.

Yuvani: I just need your support Sayaam ……

They hug. Krishna enters the room with food.

Krishna: Oh …… sorry. I didnt mean to interrupt.

Yuvani breaks the hug. She looks at Krishna and moves away from Sayaam. Sayaam looks at her, shocked.

Sayaam: Yuvani ……

Yuvani wipes her tears

Yuvani: Go. Go Sayaam.

Sayaam: But I ……

Yuvani: Sayaam! I said go!

Sayaam gets up. He looks at Krishna angrily. He takes the tray from her and puts it down. He grabs her hand violently and takes her out, into their room.

Krishna: Sayaam! ……

He shuts the door and locks it. He walks towards Krishna angrily. As he walks towards her, she steps back, until her back is against the wall.

Sayaam: Why? Why did you have to come there?

Krishna: Sayaam …… I was just ……

Sayaam: No Krishna! Just as i was mending my broken relationship which you broke, you came and ruined it!

Sayaam twists her arm, which was behind her back. Krishna struggles to get free and cries.

Sayaam: I hate you Krishna! I hate you ……

Krishna is shocked hearing his words.

Sayaam: I wish i never married you!

He jerks her arm as he lets go and angrily leaves the room, fuming. Krishna breaks down on the floor and cries heavily. She talks to herself between tears.

Krishna: Im sorry Sayaam ……. im sorry ……

She cries. Suhani is shown watching her cry from the window, feeling bad for Krishna.

Scene fades.

Sayaam is shown, outside the Birla house, drinking and lying down on a bench.

Sayaam: Krishna is very bad. Very very bad.

He slurs as he speaks.

Sayaam: Why did she do this? Its all her fault, all her ……

Suddenly someone’s hand grabs the bottle and throws it to the ground. It smashes hard, Sayaam is startled.

Sayaam: Look what you’ve done! ……

The person is Suhani.

Suhani: Sayaam! What is wrong with you?

Sayaam doesnt hear, as he is drunk.

Suhani: You will never change.

Suhani helps him stand and puts his arm around her shoulder. She helps him into his room. Krishna is already asleep.

Sayaam: Maa ……

Suhani: Shhh!

Sayaam lays on the bed and Suhani covers him with the blanket. She goes to leave but Sayaam holds her hand. His eyes are closed but he speaks.

Sayaam: Maa …… forgive me ……

He falls asleep. Suhani sheds a tear. She wipes it and leaves.

The next morning, Krishna brings food to the table. She is wearing a blue sari, with a long sleeve blouse. Baby notices, just as Sayaam enters and sits to eat.

Baby: Krishna. Your choice of clothes today is very interesting.

Sayaam looks at Krishna.

Bhavna: Um Krishna? Its SO hot today. You have worn a long sleeve sari?

Krishna: Actually aunty …… i just felt like wearing this. Its my favourite sari. My mom gave it to me.

They smile but Krishna touches her arm and hides it behind her back. Sayaam realises that he hurt her last night and feels bad. Krishna serves him.

Sayaam: Thank you.

He looks at her but Krishna leaves and goes to the kitchen.

Later, Krishna sits in her room. She rolls up her sleeve and applies ointment to the red marks on her arm. She struggles to apply it as it hurts her. Sayaam comes and helps her. A song plays in the background. Krishna stares at him. She realises and jerks her hand away. She stands up.

Krishna: You dont need to care for me. This is your doing anyways.

She leaves. Sayaam looks upset. He puts his head in his hands, feeling bad.

Episode ends.


Krishna runs away, trying to escape. Suddenly a bright light blinds her vision.

Suhani: Krishna!!!

Q. Why do you think Suhani shouts Krishna’s name in the precap?

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  1. Aarti32

    It was awesome..But dis Babyyyyy!! Such a khujli??

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! Im not sure if i will carry this on as im not getting many comments so i dont know if my hard work is going to waste. Lets see x

  2. Nice episode
    Plz next asap

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! Im not sure if i will carry this on as im not getting many comments so i dont know if my hard work is going to waste. Lets see x ??

  3. Ela

    Nice epi…plz add more kriyam hot and fire scene???

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! Im not sure if i will carry this on as im not getting many comments so i dont know if my hard work is going to waste. Lets see x ???

      1. Ela

        No plz dont stop writting

  4. Fidato

    Nice dear… Please don’t stop… Feel like ssel one year before kriyam hate track… Missing that hate track… Please continue writing….

  5. Please don’t stop writing. l loved your FF so much.

  6. Is it a car ??!?!?!?!?!

  7. I liked the ff it’s interesting

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