I really love you(a twinj story) chapter 15

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Hello everyone….
First of all i m really very sorry to all…i know my decision of ending dis ff was wrong…i m soo srry guys…really sorry…i wont end it…pakka….aaj k baad i ll nt say dat….i m sorry…coz of dis i got soo many scoldings??….nd i fought and got rude too ?????…really sorry for dat…

Well thank u soo much for ur comments……thanks to all…
And cming to the bashers..thank u guyzz fr taking my side…and i wud only say if again dis thing happens then just ignore dat…q ki reply karne se hamara hi tym waste hoga soo just leave it…

Love u all❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Episode 15


All reached at the beach and ran to the shore….the sun was shining brightly…the rays kissing their skin creating a perfect enviroment…
First they all decided to play volleyball….they got divided into two teams…in one team it was mahi chinki and payal and in the other team it was twinkle kunj and shreya…
First they went to change as they will also go in the water…after sometime all came back….mahi was wearing a pink tee wid brown shorts…chinki was wearing a tank top with blue shorts…payal was wearing a blue top wid cream shorts shreya was wearing a brown top wid cream shorts and twinkle was wearing an orange halter top wid denim shorts…..kunj was in his black tees nd knee shorts
While chinki mahi payal and shreya were putting net….kunj came to twinkle and teased her..
Kunj: tumhe volleyball khelna to ata hai na..
Twinkle looked at him with fury and said: better than u…i m the captain of my school’s girls volleyball team..
Kunj laughed:hmm dekhte hai….miss captain…
Twinkle: kunnnnnjjj….tumhe to me…
And she turned to hit him but he ran away..
Twinkle smiled to herself and den was distracted by mahi as she called to play..

All stood at their sides and they started playing…twinkle was standing beside kunj ..whenever the ball wud come to kunj twinkle wud hit dat….leaving kunj behind…kunj also did the same with her…
One time when the ball came it was in kunj’s direction but shreya ran to hit it and by that she banged with kunj and kunj fell down….seeing this twinkle was laughing like hell….kunj stood up and saw all the girls laughing especially twinkle….he said..
Kunj: girls bas nw stop dis game…i wanna go in the water…
Twinkle: kyu u got hurt…???
Kunj: ohh plzz..i m alright…tuje to me dikhata hu..
Sating this he ran towards twinkle and twinkle also started running…but kunj ws faster so he catched her and threw her in the water all others came and started playing in the water….
Twinkle pushed kunj again and again bd he was doing nthing then smiling(pagal)…

After alot enjoying in the water they decided to leave as it was evening…
First they all went to change their clothes in the rooms and after dat they all got into their car and left for sarna mansion…
They reached there and went inside….they saw yuvi in the hall…twinkle went to him and asked..
Twinkle: bhai you here??
Yuvi: vo actually manohar uncle had come to our house today so he asked me to come wid him…bt i ll leave after dinner…
Twinkle nodded and looked at mahi who was staring yuvi…twinkle squeezed mahi’s hand and glared at her…mahi composed herself…payal saw all this and laughed wid twinkle….kunj and yuvi went to his room…and all girls got back into the rooms…after sometime they all came downstairs as it was dinner tym…twinkle mahi and payal helped usha to set the table and then all got seated on their places for dinner….
Kunj asked about dad to which usha said dat he wud come late as he is bzy at office….all started the dinner…
During the dinner yuvi asked usha..
Yuvi: usha aunty…vo i wanted to ask dat can i take kunj today with me to stay at my house….
Usha: ha beta…dats a good idea…u can surely take him…
Yuvi smiled at kunj and said: dekha kunj ab to aunty also said yes y r u refusing…come na..
Twinkle got sad hearing all dis….she didnt wanted kunj to go…
Usha: kunj y r u denying go na…look yuvi is insisting so much..
Kunj: no mom dats okay…
Usha: kunj ab itni zid mat karo….i know tumhe yaha ladkiyo k sath timepass karna hai…
Listening to dis all were laughing like mads..(dis statement of aunty was like o my god…i still tease my kunj on this????)
Kunj looked at usha in disbelief and later he said yes to go…
At night yuvi and kunj were leaving….twinkle was sad…so was kunj..but they were helpless…
Later the driver went them to drop at taneja mansion….

In the morning….all were having breakfast twinkle was missing kunj….
Later the whole day was passed in chit chatting wid girls and in the evening they decided to go to mall for shopping..like dis the two days passed and on the third day kunj was returning back….
Twinkle was very happy…she was desperately waiting from the morning for kunj to come….
Kunj came at 11 am…
Twinkle saw him and smiled…

Later they all were sitting in the hall…jus den mahi stood up as she was going in the kitchen…and kunj was coming from back….mahi turned and banged with kunj and they both hurted their heads….both looked angrily at each other and started fighting..
Mahi: bhai andhe ho kya…cant u see and walk..
Kunj: andha me nahi andhi tu hai…he said rubbing his head..
Mahi:bhai plzz muje apse baat karke apna mood off nai karna…
Kunj: muje b koi interst nai hai tujse baat karne me..idiot…
Twinkle: guyz plzz stop it…bacho ki tarah q lad rahe ho…mahi tum jao kitchen me…and kunj u too continue ur wrk..
Both kunj and mahi gave death glares to each other and went back to their works…

In the afternoon…all were sitting in the hall after lunch…twinkle was finding her phone wwn she saw it was beside kunj so she asked him..
Twinkle: kunj pass my phn plzz..
Kunj gave her phn and sat back…
Just then shreya asked a question to twinkle..
Shreya: twinkle di..
Twinkle: yah..
Shreya: y do u call kunj bhai kunj…i mean he is elder than u na..
Listening to this twinkle mahi and payal looked at each other….nd kunj was looking at twinkle…(yaar ye shreya ne to marva hi diya tha…aisa ques sabke samne koi puchhta hai kya)?????
Twinkle(stammering): vo shreya…vo ha…actually me pehle se hi kunj bulati hu so..isiliye adat pad gai…but if u want i can call him “kunj bhai”..
Listening to dis kunj got shocked and shouted..
Kunj : no twinkle let it be…kunj is better..(o my god…kunj’s expressions were worth watching????????)…
Twinkle looked on and then shreya interrupted..
Shreya: ok leave it…i ws jus asking…
Twinkle and kunj sighed of relief….
Mahi and payal were becoming red by supressing their laugh…twinkle gave death glares to them…..?????
Later all went to their rooms…


Hope u all liked it..plzz do comment…

Love u all…❤❤❤❤❤❤?????

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  1. Purvi128

    Hey Jaan…
    U knw abhi abhi I replied to ur comment on my os and asked u to post ur ff nd when I opened tei page.. I was sooooo happy seeing ur ff.. I was dancing…
    Or ufff ye epi toh ???? it was too funny . just loved it.. Too good…
    I was laughing all the time like a maniac and my mother asked what r u doing… I said nothing..shukar bach gayi.. Warna to..
    Ufff usha ka dialogue. Hehehehe… Ladkiyon ke sath time pass. . heehehehe…
    Shreya ka question toh…. ????? MATLAB… Too funny … Nd then kunj Bhai… Hahaha.. U literally said that??? Hahahaha..
    Waiting for the next ….itna wait kisi ff ke liye nhi kerti jitna iske liye kerti hun.m cuz its one of my fav.. Kyunke ye real story hai nd most importantly teri hai….I just love it to the core..wait na karana plss jaldi post kerdena. . hosake to aj hi .. Request hai teri Jaan ki.. Plss.. PlssssssssssssPlssssssssssss aj hosake to
    Love u loads Jaan ???????

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thank u soo much fr commenting…
      Love u soo much…
      And haa i ll try to post it by today okay..
      Love u…miss u

  2. Ufff ?????smile laa daa chehre par…..amazing??????jigs ko bhai toh nahi bula sakti naa ??….aur thanks ya sorry bolne ki jarurat nahi kyunki I know garmi mein sar pe dhoop chad jate hai naa toh insan insane ho jaata hai ??toh bas aap ko samjaya ??Tension lene ka nahi balki dene ka ?okk bye ……post soon ???

  3. Presha

    Hey di….
    Thank u for not ending this…
    Nd wow wat was this means it was so funnn????
    I was laughing wen usha said kunj want to timepass with girls…
    Nd i never know u were so deeperste nd u calling jiju bhai was means i cant even imagine in my wildest dream….
    Just loved it …???
    Too good…
    Its was funny cute lovely nd hillarious…
    Love u…..?????

  4. Ruchi

    Hey Fatima
    Awww… Your love story is so cute.. :-* <3
    wow.. m really loving it..
    and that bhai wala moment was omg!!!
    Sorry as i didn't commented before..
    post nxt part soon..
    eagerly waiting for nxt part..
    take care.. 🙂

  5. It was awesome episode
    shreya,twinkle and Kunj’s conversation at last was tooo funny really I loved that ?????
    And ha tq so much for posting bangaram
    Love you soooooo much❤❤❤❤❤?????

  6. Di i can’t belive u come so early btw i love the epi n that kunj bhai scene i love that scene and that u love to spend time with girls wala scene

  7. Mia12

    Hey meri Fattu,,??
    M dancing to see my fav ff uff yarr,,?? But u knw muje bhtttttt gussa aya tha,,??? ye sab sunke ye to tune dekha hi hai,,?? And i knw ki tu apni promise ko break nahi karegi,,?? Akhir jiju ki promise Jo kia hai tune,,?? Well accha hua jo tune ff ko end nai kia warna to tu janti hi hai,,?? By the way this episode was just Amazing yarr,,???? Beach scean he he I Love it soooo much,,?????? And Teri or jiju ki khichai to shreya or Teri sasu mom ne kar dia acchese,,???????.. It was just hilarious yarr,,??????.. Just wow loved it,,???????.. Ufff real story parhne ka maja hi kuch or hai yarr,,??.. Mai kitni wait karti hun is ff ki,,??.. Bas ab jalshi next episode post karde m to despo,,??
    LOAD’S OF LOVE MERI FATTU,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤..

  8. Fatima its awesome amazing
    Ur episode was I means I’m like ❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????
    Loving It
    Vo beach wala scene everything was sooo cutteee n amazing
    Aur shreya ka puchna
    N dat part was superb awesome amazing
    N kunj saying noo it’s funny yet sooo cutteeee loving amazing
    Love u keep smiling

  9. llovely epi
    cute post sooon

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous funny epi…

  11. SidMin

    Gidh I am still laughing imagining the calling Kunj Bhai vala scene I mean ????
    Loved the Epsidoe… bechare UV took Kunj away aww… and Usha’s dialougue …????
    Love you and post soon

  12. Fabulous episode…
    Written so well..
    Post soon

  13. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Amazing epi dear. ..


  14. _Manu_

    Wowww just woww the epi was beyond words its really my ff i read it with sooo much interest i mean i read all the ff with interest but really this is the best ff and today the epi was. Just soooo superb i am totally speechless hehehhe usha when said to kunj was sooo funnny i was laughing like helll while reading and my mother was giving me weird expression and that was the best part when sreya told tw to say kunj bhai hehehehhehe di in real also u reallu said bhai to jiju u know i really love ur luv stry uts sooo filmy cute funny romantic everything its just a perfect luv stry hey di can i know what is jiju’s real name?? Plzzzz telll naaa

  15. Baby

    hhahahhahaahahhaaaaaaaa………….hahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa………..diii………..hahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………♥ epic……….
    osm hhahhahahahahahaaaaaaaa………..marvelleous……….♥
    maza aagya………..hahahaaaaaaaaaaa………♥
    sch mein I cant control dis laughter jiju ka reaction oh my god………..
    n uu too……….hahhahahaaaaaaaaa……….♥
    well literally too cute episode……….
    loved it……….♥
    love u lods……………♥
    beach mastii was osm too cute……….♥

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