Days r moving….. Sanskar is showing his love as much as he can….

One fine day….
San:can u tak leave today??
Rag:(confused)but y
Rag:i will never take leave …u know it…then y r u
San:(cuts her)then understand how much important it is?
Rag:looks on
San:ty smiles widely….

Rag:where r v going???
San:u will know
After few minutes,they both reached to the graveyard area where her mother was ……
San:cum by saying drags her
Rag:eyes become teary and cries by seeing her mother graveyard…
San:wraps his hand around her shoulder….dont cry she is seeing u …she will not b happy to c ur crying face…
Rag:but cries more by imaging her mother /father/arjun and her… how they lived happily….
San feels bad for her…
After few minutes they both prayed and went from there….

@car ..both were silent….He stopped at one place
Rag eyes widens by seeing him:sanskar wat r u doing?this is laksh house…start the car ..
San:cum…u didnt do any mistakes..then y r u hiding??y r u punishing urself and laksh too…
Rag:i dont want to trouble them ..plz understand
San:pulled her into the house….
As soon as laksh opened the door ,hugs her …both cries
Lak:u idiot,stupid y u did lik this?how r u??how did u able to liv without talking to me
Rag :cries more…..she immediately break the hug by seeing swara(laksh’s wife)
Swa:came towards her…rag was nervously looking her
Swa:im sry ragini..i didnt value ur friendship with him.
(after a melodrama)
All goes…
Raglak were sitting in back of the car and swasan in front
Lak:i cant stand u in ur poor times ..im bad na
Rag:smiles and holds his hand u r best friend i hav got..

Rag looks at sanskar confusingly….
As soon as ragsan/swalak enters ,all children shouts happy birthday ragini didi
Ram:how was our suprise beta?
Rag:smiles with tears and looks at sanskar..
Lak:cum on ragu ,he drags her to cut the cake…
They spent few hrs over there…

@ragsan home
Rag is sitting in the bed …
San:ragini(little bit loudly)
Rag:looks at him and tears r continously flowing frm his eyes
San:(worried)hey wat happen
rag:hold his collar..y r u doing lik this ??i dont need any relationship..dont make me to fall for u..im scared (cries badly)….
San:in cracking voice ragini….
Rag immediately hugs him and cries….
San become numb but when he senses her tears on her shoulder..immediately hugged her tightly….both were shown hugging each other…
San:i will never leave u…if u say me to go also ..i wont..i will always b with u and protect u..i wont tell i will give u happiness but i promise v will b happy when v r together…u r my TREASURE..i wont leave u(cries)
Rag:hugs him tight by his confession…..

San:holds her hand and slids a golden bangle in her hand
Rag:this bangle(fb shows ragsan went to shopping to buy a gift for sanskar’s best frd marriage ,ragini admired one bangle but seeing its price she kept quiet)(it happens during their first marriage)
San:ur bday gift
Rag:(in stammering voice )when did u started loving me??
San:i really dont know wifey..i thought i respect u but when u went away from me at that time i realized it…that two months i was insane i got my breath back when i seen u in that hotel…
Rag:looks on…y u didnt give at that time
San:v r friends at that time…i know u wont accept it at that time but now u hav to..becaz im ur hubby
Rag smiles with glassy eyes
Both slept at both corner of tge bed

Rag slowly opened her eyes and started admiring sanskar face…

Days r moving on….

After one month….
Rag in mind today i will suprise u…she went to sanskar’s office without informing ..when she abt to enter the office..saw sanskar along with one girl..rag smiled and went towards them ..suddenly that girl kissed sanskar on his lips…ragini eyes widenes and she immediately ran away from ther and cries badly by holding her heart…..

After few hrs…@ragsan room
San:i waited in orphange..y u came without informing me…(cuts his sentence by looking ragini with her luggage)
Rag:im leaving this house
Rag:forever..i know sanskar u didnt love me..u had a sympathy by seeing my condition..i think now u have seen ur girl..dont wry i will never be a barrier to ur life…im happy
Rag:(cuts him)no sanskar…let me complete..thank u these two months i was really happy..thank u and i have place all the things(gold bangle/some cheque/lockerkey) over there..and im taking this mangalsutra alone…
San looks at her with moist eyes
Rag:smiles sarcastically before i didnt value it but now a little bit i value it but dont wry i will giv u within few daysand i promise i wont cum in ur life….she turns to leave and after few steps she again came back..i told to uncle that im going to stay in orphanage for 2 days..u just maintain..after few days v will decide and say to him…all the best and
San:was numb
Rag:dont forget to invite me to ur marriage..i will definetely cum(smiles with moist eye) and started to walk…

After few seconds…san realizes that she is leaving her forever, turns and runs to stops her And saw her walking in a corridor in fumbled steps…
San:back hugs her by engulfing his hand around her waist …
Rag Heart skips a beat…
San:(in cracking voice)dont leave me…give me a chance to explain

Hope u like it..one more episode to end

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