Destined to be, a Raglak fanfic – Prologue

Hi all.
I am new here. This isn’t my idea but Sanraglak1809.


Laksh’s pov:
Don’t know what destiny plans for me. I love Swara but today got married to Ragini. She has lots of exoectations from this marriage, from me. But how can I?? But Laksh you can’t punish Ragini, she is innocent. I promise you Ragini, I will try to be a good and supportive husband. I will try to move on. But I don’t know whether I will be able to love you ever.


Ragini’s pov:
Today I got married to the love of my life. I hope Laksh is happy too. I promise you Laksh, you will never regret your decision to marry me. I will be with you come what may.


Sanskar’s pov:
My revenge on you just started Mr Laksh Maheswari. I lost my Kavitha because of you and now, you lost your love because of me. Oh yes Laksh, I know you love Swara, and I planned all these. You made my life colourless; I won’t let you to be happy.
This is from sr track, after sanskar’s entr, when he acts close to ragini alone.Maheswaris get overwhelmed by Ragini’s kindness and nature. They ask laksh to marry her, for Sanskar’s sake. But only laksh, swara and sanksar are aware that laksh loves swara.

Will laksh fall for. Ragini? If Laksh falls on Ragini, will Sanskar let them leave peacefully?

How will Ragini react when she knows the truth? What will she do when she realize that the three people whom she loves the most, ie, her husband, sister and friend cheated her??

So this was the prologue. Sanraglak1809, I hope this is what you meant. I am the one who commented in the name “Mishty”. If not I am sorry.

So guys, did you like it??If yes, I will proceed.
Awaiting your views,


PS: I got this pic in wattpad, not my edit.

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  1. sanraglak1809

    omg thk u so much Dr for tis ff I have no word how to express my feeling when I read tis ff u ur such wonderful writer dr awesome pls continue thk soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dr

    1. Anju24

      Thank you so much dear

  2. sanraglak1809

    pls dr one more request pls make sankav pair because I diehard fan of sanraglak pls dr (I hate swara) pls dr

    1. Anju24

      Sure dear, as you wish

  3. Swasan

    1. Anju24

      I am sorry dear, but I am gonna hurt you. As I said above, it was not sanraglak’s idea and if she wants it to be kavsan, then I am making it kavsan. I am sorry, hope you understand

  4. By all means continue Anju it was too good keep writing dear.

    1. Anju24

      Thank you dear

  5. Nice

    1. Anju24

      Thank you dear

  6. Awesome dear, continue

    1. Anju24

      Thank you dear

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