Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautama opposes the alliance

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gautama asking Ahilya does she know cooking. Ahilya says yes, I know everything. Gautama asks about embroidery. Ahilya says yes, I also know it, I had made a petha. Gautama asks did you make it for your dad or brother. Ahilya says I had to wear it, so I had made it for myself. Gautama makes a face. Malhar smiles. He says I know you would have looked good. She sees the weather breezy. She goes out to play. She catches the flowers in her saree cloth. Mankoji and Sushila ask her to come, everyone is coming. Malhar and everyone come. Khanderao says she is a strange girl. Ahilya says you asked me about my fav thing, this is my fav thing. She smiles. She says I like to enjoy this breeze, enjoying the rains and collecting flowers. She asks them to take flowers. Harku says the flower is beautiful just like you. Everyone takes the flowers. Gautama looks on.

Mankoji asks Khanderao to rest in the room. He says tell me if you need anything. He goes to Malhar. He says I know there is no comfort and facilities like your palace, but be it anything, tell us. Malhar says its like family, don’t worry. Mankoji goes out. The villagers get mattresses. Malhar says the villagers have come in Ahilya’s marriage, I have seen this simplicity and love after a long time, I had forgotten it, right. Gautama says yes. He says your annoyance didn’t get away. She says roaming in the village as boys, getting adamant and being disobedient, running out of the house in front of everyone, do you think this will change my opinion, do you accept these things. Malhar says person’s heart should be clean, she is honest, how can she be bad. She says its okay, no use to tell you, you have sworn to forgive her mistakes, I will go and see their arrangements for Khanderao. Bana says we have to stay here in this small house. Dwarka says I have no objection, Gautama’s magic won’t work this time, Malhar has affection for Ahilya, I will take Ahilya’s support to make Malhar and Gautama’s terms bitter. Bana asks Dwarka to be careful. Khanderao says how do they live here in this smell of cow dung. He sends his friend. He sees a lizard and gets scared. Ahilya laughs seeing him.

Malhar says I had done a puja in temple and promised to return, I want to do darshan in the temple before marriage and donate clothes to pujaris. Mankoji says its a good thing. Gautama comes. Mankoji says you tell me when you want to go to the temple, we will make arrangements, anything else. Malhar says no, that’s all. Mankoji leaves. Malhar says you have done good arrangements, you got the clothes and coins with shagun, as if you know that I will donate it in the temple. She says we should always be prepared to do charity. He says your thinking makes you special, I had full faith that you will come with preparations when I send you the news. She asks really. He says yes, villagers are helping, we should give them something to thank, they will be happy, I want to see their happiness, you got many things. Sushila scolds Ahilya. Ahilya says you are praising Khanderao a lot. Gautama says groom’s mum should also get a gift. Malhar says command me, you will get whatever you want. She asks him will she get anything she wants. Malhar says yes, tell me, what do you want, I will call the jeweller to make something for you. She says no, this marriage can’t happen, break this alliance. He gets shocked and asks what.

She says you have promised me, you can’t refuse now. Ahilya argues with Sushila. Sushila teaches her how to behave. Ahilya says you are talking like Renu’s mum. Sushila says just be quiet until anyone talks to you. Ahilya says Khanderao scared me, he got hidden in the sack and jumped in front of me. Sushila laughs and says he is also a kid, you will get friendly. Ahilya says he is a devil, I don’t want to marry him. Sushila says talk slowly. Bana says Ahilya called Khanderao a devil. Malhar says I have promised Mankoji that Ahilya will become my bahu, its not my habit to break promises. She says you say that you want everyone’s happiness, but not mine, you should have not promised me. He says I didn’t know that a sensible wife like you will put her husband in a dilemma, else I would have not promised you. He explains her. He says you can’t refuse for it now. She says you decided it, I have come on your call, you didn’t think its imp to talk to me and know my opinion. He says there was no time. She says you didn’t give me time, I don’t like this alliance, but you want me to believe that its the best, truth is, you don’t care if I m happy or not. He asks are you thinking so. She says its my Dharm to obey you, but I have a right on my son’s life, so I said all that, its your wish.

Ahilya says I can’t leave my village, I had promised Renu, I will talk to Renu, she can understand me. Bana says yes, she called Khanderao a devil, we should tell this to Gautama. Dwarka says no, we have to break Gautama’s pride, this marriage has to happen.

Gautama asks will you break the alliance if you know that Ahilya isn’t right for Khanderao. Malhar says my trust on Ahilya is firm, I accept your challenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Raman Muthuswamy

    For the SOS Attn. of: The Sony Team/Director, Scenario-writer & Crew: I AM SORRY ALL OF YOU MISSED A GOLDEN OPP. TO USE UP THE LIZARD SCENE ! When the young Prince Khanderao was freightened on seeing the lizard, Ahilya shd hv entered with a stick & taken it with that to be thrown into the backyard !! This wud hv convinced Him about the chilvalrous/courageous nature of Ahilya !!

  2. Soumendu D Guha

    Brilliant screenplay, Brilliant Direction, Brilliant actors. kudos to the team of Ahilya.

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