Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Shyam ji threatens Dhana ji

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar taking care of the people. He says I feel guilty that this illness is spreading because of our mistake, its not a natural thing, don’t worry, the culprit will be punished. He asks sarpanch to tell him about the grains collection. Sarpanch says Shyam ji gets the grains here and informs me, we distribute the grains to every house on the next day. Ahilya is at the Shivpuri temple. She serves the food to the pandits. The pandits say so much happened in the past that everyone told bad about you, its not true, you have done dharm work with much dedication. He blesses her. She says I just pray for Malwa’s prosperity. The man goes to Shyam ji and says Malhar is speaking to sarpanch. Shyam says Malhar won’t find out anything. The man say we can distribute the good grains this time, else we will get caught. Shyam ji says no, we will get double profits, take some risk this time, we will go and see Malhar’s investigations. He goes out and gets caught by Dhana ji. Dhana ji says my doubt turned true, you have confessed your crime yourself, you and your greed are the reason of this epidemic, come to Malhar now, he will see you. Shyam ji laughs. He asks Dhana ji to come. He says I know Dhaneshwar wasn’t the culprit in the farmers murder. Dhana ji worries. Gangoba says I checked the godown, there is no mixing happening there. Malhar asks about Shyam ji’s intentions. Gangoba says we have no proof against him. Malhar says mixing happens in this village when the grains are kept overnight, inform Dhana ji about my plan.

Shyam ji blames Dhana ji. Dhana ji threatens him. Shyam ji threatens him back. He says you are the culprit of the tax matter. Dhana ji asks how do you know this. Shyam ji says I don’t know everything, but the man you presented as Dhaneshwar, I know well about him, so I guessed this, I heard much about you, we will share the profits, just tell Malhar that this epidemic is natural, you can save me now. Guard tells Ahilya about Dhaneshwar’s matter. Ahilya says I was thinking right. He asks did Malhar get my message. Guard says yes, might be. She says I will return home today after the brahman bhoj and puja. He says be careful, someone is watching us. Ahilya says the culprit will try to save himself. Dhana ji says Malhar will get angry on me, what shall I do now. Yamuna comes and greets him. She asks him to meet Dwarka before going to Malhar. Gautama comes. She says Rajya comes first for Dhana ji, and then relations, so he will go to darbar first, Dwarka understood, and now you understand. She asks Dhana ji to go. He goes to meet Malhar.

Malhar gets Ahilya’s letter. He says you have to do this work, no one should know. He tells him. He sees Gautama coming and asks what are you doing here. She says I didn’t hear any word, I just came, is there any special news. Malhar says yes. She asks regarding what. He says there are many problems, I m trying to solve it. She says Tukoji and Gangoba are also with you, are you really taking the decision alone, I know someone is there with you. He smiles and says I think you should be the chief of my secret messengers. She laughs. She says but this isn’t my answer. He says you ask me straight, then you will get the answer straight, why did you come here. She says Dhana ji has come to meet you, I told him that you are in darbar. He says I will just come, he would be waiting. He goes. She thinks you know it well, what I want to know, is Ahilya helping you or not, you have hid the matter, I think Ahilya is helping you.

Malhar says grains mixing will happen tonight, we have to raid these places. Dhana ji thinks. Malhar looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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