Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-32

Rithika :- this time! I am forgiving you but if you guys ever repeat this, then I won’t spare you.

They both nod their heads as an approval.

Rithika :- ok! I have class, I am leaving….. Bye!

She left from their.

Ram :- finally! She agreed.

Vikram :- look ram, do you remember what I had told you.

Ram :- yes!


On the phone~~~

Vikram :- Buddy I am really sorry. I was very angry at that time and I just spoke just like a stupid. Please don’t mind my words. I really didn’t mean it.

Ram :- just relax and calm down. I know you didn’t mean it. First think about rithu, how to convince her.

Vikram :- I had a plan…….

He explained his plan to him on phone.

Ram :- done!

Evening time ————->

Ram :- rithu!

Rithika :- haa! What?

Ram :- Vikram is waiting for you at ******* cafe.

Rithika :- but why? I have some work, I don’t wanna go know.

Rithika get a message and she checked it. It was from vikram.

Vikram :- please, don’t say anything. I just wanna see you at cafe.

Rithika :- ram tell me, what’s all this?

Ram :- I don’t know, but he had told me that until you don’t come their and meet him, he won’t go from that place. Please go quickly and meet him.

At ******** cafe.

Rithika angrily throw her bag on the table.

Rithika :- Vicky, what’s wrong with you?

Vikram :- what?

Rithika :- seriously! You are asking me?

Vikram gets up from his chair and make her sit. And he sat beside her and hold her hands.

Vikram :- I am sorry for what I had done. I was in a bad mood and I just spoke all that stuff in anger. I am really sorry. I never repeat this mistake.

She forgives him.

Vikram had already ordered her favourite snacks, they both had the food. They went to roam the city.

Precap :- Harry and Tanu wedding

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