Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya gets saved from Shuja’s men

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the villagers having a talk about the Warkaris. Ramu says I feel they aren’t Warkaris, but someone else. Shuja’s men hear this and nod. They go to Shuja and tell what they heard. Shuja asks Jahaan to find out, if the doubt turns true, then kill them. Ahilya is with everyone. She says even if the enemy gets the news, then we should be ready to divert them. Mausi says but your weapons are in the cart. Ahilya says we have Shiv blessings, even the grass will become blessings with his blessings. Mausi goes out and sends the cart. Yamuna gets spying. Parvati asks how long shall I lie in Ahilya’s place. Harku says until Ahilya comes back, lie down and sleep. Yamuna comes there. She says I have come to meet Ahilya, I heard she isn’t well. Harku says she had good and slept, you go from here right now. Yamuna goes. Harku locks the door and goes. Yamuna comes back. She enters the room. She says Choti Rani… are you fine. Parvati worries and says yes. Yamuna gets shocked seeing Parvati in the mirror. She thinks why is she hiding here in Ahilya’s place. She goes to Gunu ji. He asks what, really. Yamuna says I have seen it myself, Parvati was there in Ahilya’s room, Gangoba and Tukoji aren’t in the palace since morning. He says don’t tell this to anyone. She says I will find out where did Ahilya go. He says no need, you may go. She leaves.

He says I know where is Ahilya. Jahaan Khan and the guards enter Chambal to find out Ahilya. Ahilya sees the soldiers. She hides. The soldiers look for Ahilya everywhere. The soldiers don’t find them anywhere. Gunu ji meets Dhanaji. He says Ahilya, Tukoji and Gangoba are missing, I m sure that she has gone to protect Malwa, we can’t know which way she can go, the family won’t tell us about the mission. Dhana ji says this news is enough for now, I will come again to meet you. He leaves. Mausi prays. She stops Jahaan by keeping the idol on the chest. She asks him to use his sword. She says you have ruined our grains, but not anymore. She scolds him.

Jahaan leaves. He asks the villagers to inform them if they doubt on anyone. Ge leaves his two soldiers there. He leaves with others. Gangoba and Tukoji bring Ahilya out of the chest. Tukoji asks are you fine. Mausi says Deva Vittal devotion has saved your life today. Ahilya says yes, you are right, we should leave now, we won’t be scared of the two guards. She leaves.

Jahaan talks to Shuja. Dhana ji comes there and says if you can sense anything weird, then you can understand that its related to Malwa throne.

He says Ahilya, Gangoba and Tukoji are missing from the palace, I m sure that Jahaan has gone there but missed to find them. He says real darkness will happen now, Ahilya sees everything clear in darkness. Shuja slaps Jahaan. He says go and create a havoc there, burn the huts, make those people speak up. He gets angry. The dacoits are in the village. They see the people working. Bheema says the people are just permitted to take the necessary things. Jahaan and his men come back to find Ahilya. Ahilya, Tukoji and Gangoba are already at the village border.

Tukoji gets caught. Ahilya says I can never forget what you are doing for Malwa. Mausi attacks her. Ahilya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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