Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar gets attacked

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tukoji asking Malhar to meet some people, there is a strange problem. Malhar asks what’s the matter. The ladies cry and say our husbands came here for work, they didn’t return home, guards said that they didn’t come here. Yesha ji praises the man and kills him. He says you made a mistake to show your face to Renu and leave her there, I can’t take risk. The man says if that girl gets conscious, then she will identify you. Yesha ji says yes, but we have gone ahead, that girl is a widow, no one will allow her to sit in puja, the attack will happen tomorrow, Holkar family will be killed tomorrow. The guard says we had called workers for the repair, but the names they are saying, those men didn’t come here. Malhar thinks. He asks the women not to worry, maybe its a misunderstanding. He says I will find out what happened. He asks Tukoji to give them food and send them home safely. Renu wakes up from the dream of the guards killing her. She recalls the kidnapping. She tries to wake up Ahilya. She faints.

Its morning, Ahilya and everyone sit for the puja. Yesha ji takes a knife in the puja basket. Gautama smiles seeing Khanderao. Yesha ji comes there. Malhar does the Saraswati maa puja. He says every puja has an importance. He tells the significance of Saraswati maa puja. He says every person should be educated, we can change fate and make future bright, its not imp that Laxmi comes because of Saraswati, but Saraswati explains the importance of Laxmi, the person who is blessed by Saraswati, he can value Laxmi and use money rightly. Everyone claps. Ahilya says everyone should be blessed by Saraswati maa. Malhar looks at Gautama. Dhana ji and Gunu ji come. Malhar goes to meet them. Ahilya takes the prasad and goes to meet Renu. The guards look on. Renu says I need to tell something. Ahilya asks her to sleep, have bath later, then eat prasad. Renu says I have to tell something to Malhar. Ahilya says he is with everyone outside. Renu says trust me, your lives are in danger, I heard it. Dhana ji asks Malhar to do the rituals. Yesha ji comes there. Renu tells everything to Ahilya. Ahilya asks her to come with her.

Dhana ji performs the rituals, followed by others. Ahilya and Renu come running. Khanderao also does the rituals and gets blessed by Malhar. Dhana ji asks Yesha ji to come, its matter of respect. Ahilya comes and shouts get away from that man. Yesha ji tries to stab Malhar. Everyone gets shocked. Malhar catches Yesha ji. He asks Khanderao to take the entire family inside the palace. The goons start fighting. Malhar kicks Yesha ji. He passes a sword to Gangoba. He recalls talking to Gangoba about being prepared with weapons while attending the function. He says danger has reached inside the palace, we should be alert of the dangers. FB ends. He also gets a sword. He fights the goons.

Dhana ji and Gunu ji look on. They worry. Dhana ji signs him to join the fight. Gunu ji fights from Malhar’s side. Yesha ji thinks Gunu ji is also attacking my men. Dhana ji also kills the goons. Khanderao gets caught. Malhar steps on Yesha ji’s chest. He asks who are you, whose plotting is this, you can’t come in without the help of any insider, who wants to backstab me, tell me. Gunu ji cuts his own hand to distract Malhar. Dhana ji kills Yesha ji. Dhana ji says he was going to stab you with knife, you saved Malwa. Gunu ji says we have failed the enemy’s conspiracy.

Malhar asks Tukoji to come with him. Dhana ji says we need to talk. Malhar says we will talk tomorrow in the Darbar. Tukoji says I had been careless. Malhar calls him a traitor.

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