Saath hai to baat hai Episode 4

Hey friends , here is the next episode . No images .

Recap – Gehna get award from Anant

After a tiring day , All are at their home .  (Note -gehna has a 1 bhk flat

Gehna get messages from Anant

Message starts

Hi gehna , I’m sorry to misunderstand  you . After listening your speech , I realise I was wrong . I am really sorry for that . Can you come with me for a dinner with your friend ,if you want

Gehna smiles

Gehna message

I am sorry too sir . Sure sir will come with Tia for Dinner tomorrow

(Note – Tomorrow is Sunday )

Next day

Kanak  goes to her dad

Kanak – Papa , I need to talk about gehna

Dad – Yes beta

Kanak – She is so poor ,but still she is an achiever in everything And I can’t do anything

Dad – It is not about achieving beta . You should tell her sorry , All have different talent . I know one day you will reach in higher level . (Note Kanak family doesn’t know about Anant  . Kanak surname is Sharma.

Kanak – K ,I will tell her sorry today

Old guy smiles

Old guy pov

You are understanding . Once you are capable of knowing the truth you can know  about your big brother’s death and how we became Sharna

Pov Ends

Anant messages Radhika

Anant – Hey ! Radhika come at Xyz Hotel at night with Rahul

Radhika – Ok Anant

Radhika tells Rahul

At evening

Tia comes at Gehna ‘s  home

Gehna – Which dress should I wear Tia ? I am not looking good at all

Anant house

Anant – I should wear black suit

Gehna hous

Gehna – I think so I should wear white

At Xyz Hotel 🛍️

All come their

(Tia – Jeans top

Gehna – White frock

Anant – black sui

Rahul -black suit

Radhika – white frock )

Kanak is sitting beside

Anant – Hey all

All hey

Rahul – What should we order

Anant Gehna together Panner tikka

They share a laugh .

After dinner 🍽️,

Kanak comes their and apologies to Gehna .

Kanak – I am sorry Gehna for troubling you .

Gehna – It’s ok Kanak . We are friends

They share a group hug .

Radhika – Anant can you come with me aside

Anant – sure

Radhika – I don’t love you ,I love Rahul

Anant – I know . But you will be my friend

Radhika – Thank you Annat . I will never forget you . Do you love someone

Anant – I don’t know but when Gehna comes I feel a sudden spark in my body

Radhika thinks to unite them with the help of Tia and Kanak

Episode End

Precap – Dad – We were …before

Kanak – I know a guy name….

Anant propose gehna .

This is a shorter one and I updated it in a hurry . Don’t forget to comment your views. Guys should I make a leap track or continue Anant Gehna friendship. Sorry for a shorter one as I promised for a longer .Hope you like it

Stay safe

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Author Note

Next episode will upload at night tomorrow

Author Note –

Next episode will upload at night tomorrow.


  1. Tina03

    Sagar will be from next episode .

  2. Jasminerahul

    Anant apologizing to gehna was nice.anant calling her for dinner was surprising. Wow black n white dress combination n they both ordered the same food.good that radhika told anant that she loves guess anant has started realizing his love for gehna.radhika deciding to unite gehnant is very nice.lovee kanak apologizing to gehna.who is kanak’s brother who died?wonder how they became sharmas.or is anant kanak’s brother?
    Please show gehnant love story for some more episodes before taking leap.

    1. Tina03

      Sure ,thank you

  3. Really good that you updated continue anant gehna friendship.. thanks for the update….nice episode…will be waiting for another episode

    1. Tina03

      Ok will continue with thier friendship.

  4. Hi all is good just take some more scenes for Anant and Gehna
    And plz add Sagar as new character
    And if you want to know about Sager you can check it on sns 2 wikipedia

    1. Tina03

      K more gehnant scenes . Sagar will be introduced in next episode. He should be negative or positive character .

    2. Negative character for sagar and specially pit him as he comes between two love birds anant and gehna
      aur plx jaldi jaldi banao na ff bore ho rhe hai Aap bahot ache fan fiction banate ho

  5. Tina03

    It is not possible but will try to update at night Otherwise see my activity tab

  6. Wow awesome
    I saw just now
    Update soon
    I was not feeling well so I didn’t see

    1. Tina03

      It’s ok dear. .Take care of health. . Thank you , will try to update or on Sunday

  7. Tina03

    Next episode is uploaded

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