Punar Vivah 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 8th March 2013 Written Update

PART 1:-

Ok..Episode started with Dishyum Dishyum..OMG that goons was like little over they were about strip her saree and OMG they were much..God my yashu just came and he smashed them first..God Aarti came and hugged him..Again goons came he made them ek 2 ka 4 shots and all were on the ground..Finally fight over..Aarti in scred hugged him..Yashu poured one bucket full water on him and when akash got sense he gave a slap on his face and brought him home..SM hall yashu was hitting him for his behaviour.Aksh how dare u hit me then yashu says now i slapped u once if u didnt repent i will do more…all came and Gay3 shouted stop yash WTH u are doing..she saw Akash face and ask yash why u hit him wat he did???yashu says ma if u know wat u did you will make him more punishment..Akash say i did nothing he just came and hitting me..All asked explanation to yash then yash said you ppl ask him wat he did..his mind is full of now money..Akash says WTH are u to talk me i am Akash sindhiya..if u are a man hit me he said yash was about to slap but gay3 hold his hands. she shouted WTH are u to slap my son..i brought up for this only what you will stoop to street level and fight kya??? and panku asked wat happened u hit him yash says he was in the money mad..panku says no worry yash if he spent we have wealth..Again Gay3 sasy why u hit him..sp says without reason my son will not do thsi things..this boy should have done some mistake..Aksh shouts to SP i did nothing again Akash went to fight yash when yash pulled him Gay3 said what u want to prove ..you want to prove in you that womens bad blood running…Gay3..Finally all went and Yashu was so so hurt…poor my yashu..Iashit makes aaksh to falll in her trap and sh says take badla by taking yash place from him in this house

OMG Yashu in Washroom….He was pouring the water on his face thinking the same lines from Gay3…what she spelled like a poison to him..Oh god Yashu was never like this terror in Mumbai return back track also..He just poured water and water on him..Aarti mahan lady came there and was like Yashji please don’t be angry please be cool..How the hell on the earth he will be cool lady..Yash said wat u say Aartiji.. if i would been a minute late then they would have he stopped..God Aarti she said ya i agree but nothing happened na yashji be chill..he said chill how to be chill..Bauji was right we did mistake by bringing him to this family he don’t deserve tpo stay in this family..still Aarti sadi yashji now u are in anger..Akash not was in sense if he would then he would never allow his friends to behave like that to me..Yash asked why he drunk is any will drink that much.Aarti sasy he did with his friends yashji warna…Yash looking all stunned Aarti

PART 2:-

OMG… He was standing like a shocker and staring Aarti…Aarti was like wat happened yashji you are like this then also he was standing like stone and OMG she again asked then he said Aartiji unbelievable that like ma and bhaiya u also support that Akash..when she was about to say something..but he go away from there.and Aarti cries.Morning SM Dining table all weresititng for BF..Gay3 not having BF..OMG Yashu was clearly seeing the mother restless and that Gay3 was so so..yashu got the point she waits for akash to come and says i know ma u wait for akash let me go and bring him..Gay3 says no u don’t if he see u again in front of his eyes he will become angry and ppl here will say something bad to him..Oh Gay3 how u transformed so easily

PART 3:-

Ok that Gay3 goes to the sky room and calling him for the breakfast…but that sky didn’t respond that stupid ishita comes there and says that she will bring him sown..Gay3 goes and sits in table..SP says no need to wait for anyone..all have BF..Love SP totally for supporting my yashu..i am confident My SP in the end will thrash all Gay3 and akash and ishita and will be with my yashu

Episode Ended…


Update Credit to: UltimateGcian

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